Past Student Theses


Bastacky, Joshua
Addiction is not a disease & dopamine is not pleasure : a story of stress & reward
Advisor: Paul Currie 

DeFor, Marshall
Why (don't) we talk about race : exploring the relationship between academic social norms and faculty members' perceptions of conducting race talk in the college classroom
Advisor: Kathryn Oleson 

Dunn, David P.
Central ghrelin 1a and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor activation modulates d-amphetamine conditioned place preference
Advisor: Paul Currie

Engel, Liv
Estrogen receptor α and ß modulation of ethanol withdrawal-induced anxiety in female rats
Advisor: Paul Currie

Fox, Estella
Intentions to use alcohol after alcohol prevention participation : impacts of race and ethnicity
Advisor: Kristen Anderson 

Glass, James
Using token economies to assess demand and preference for specific and generalized reinforcers in pigeons Advisor: Timothy Hackenberg

Gutowsky, Katelyn
Impact of social enrichment on a valproic acid model of autism spectrum disorder
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg 

Harris, Alexa
The effects of microaggressions on predictors of academic success
Advisor: Kathryn Oleson

Hendry, Camille
EEG differences between perceiving speech versus noise in physically identical sine-wave speech stimuli
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Hough, Aoife
Synesthesia, visual search, and the N2pc : an ERP study
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Kelly, Linnea
Out in left field : a mixed methods approach to understanding the experience of LGBTQ+ women in sports
Advisor: Kristen Anderson

Kyroudis, Andrew
Neural activity linked with visual awareness and task-relevance in a novel 2x2 design
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Lutsyshyna, Lydia Antonivna
An interdisciplinary approach to psychedelic therapy
Advisor: Timothy Hackenberg

Marsico, Nicholas A.
Effects of advertising on (simultaneous) alcohol and cannabis use decision-making in a social scenario simulation Advisor: Kristen Anderson

Martinez-Picazo, Paloma
Self-efficacy and the regulation of motivation
Advisor: Jennifer Corpus

Meredith, Melanie
Synesthesia and sensory substitution
Advisor: Enriqueta Cansceco-Gonzalez

Mery, Katerina Rain
Right before your eyes : individual differences in visual noticing
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Naveed, Tehniyat
Academic self-handicapping and its correlates in early adolescence
Advisor: Jennifer Corpus

Pearson, Anders
No light : a comparative study of first-time and experienced float tank users
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg 

Rein-Jungwirth, Arek
Microbiome, metabolism, and memory consolidation : circadian variables in social transmission of food preferences Advisor: Paul Currie

Schwartz, Kara
Ask them if they're single : ERP responses to the singular "they" paired with human and object antecedents
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Spires, Olivia Carole
Effect of perspective-taking on implicit and explicit bias towards exotic dancers
Advisor: Kathryn Oleson

Tibbetts, Logan
Effects of the dopamine receptor D₂ antagonist raclopride on operant variability
Advisor: Allen Neuringer 

Wadhwa, Nikhil
Shapes and sounds : a behavioral investigation of crossmodal correspondences between musical chords and geometric forms
Advisor: Igor Bascandziev

Willson, Jessie
Mindfulness, consent, gender identity, and sexual orientation : health education in elementary school
Advisor: Jennifer Corpus

Wilson, Rane
A cross-age, culture, and training comparison of the emotional categorization of musical chords and intervals Advisor: Igor Bascandziev 


Aragón, Karina
Selective trust in print : how do children think about authorship?
Advisor: Igor Bascandziev

Biesanz, Cody
The role of cognitive reflection in conceptual development
Advisor: Igor Bascandziev

Buttrill, Sidney
Student and faculty values of classroom dynamics in higher education
Advisor: Kathryn Oleson

Cairati, Rachael
Stereotypes v. legal definitions in cases of sexual and physical assult
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Dickinson, Matthew
Effects of hippocampal ghrelin and cannabinoids on learning
Advisor: Paul Currie

Garland, Katherine
Social enrichment effect on demand and preference for certain and uncertain rewards
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Ge, Xiyao
The role of reputation and suspicion in children's decision making
Advisor: Igor Bascandziev

Goldstein, Clio
I think you think : perceived entity theory, gender, and undergraduates' sense of school belonging across academic majors
Advisor: Kathryn Oleson

Hammerslough, Shira
Social media alcohol advertising and college drinking
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Harvey, Sophie
Gamifying the delay discounting task : the effects of gamification on impulsivity and enjoyment
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Holland, James|
CaMKII in LTP : more than just a catalyst
Advisor: Paul Currie

Howell, Erin
GLP-1 receptor activation in the lateral hypothalamus reduces food and ethanol consumption
Advisor: Paul Currie

Jaime, Gabrielle
Deranged neurobiology & gut microbiome ecology mediate the paradoxical effects of weight gain and energy homeostasis upon non-nutritive sweetener consumption
Advisor: Paul Currie

Kahn, Nicole
Collicular hyperstimulation disrupts control of attention and impulsivity : a novel model of ADHD
Advisor: Timothy Hackenberg

Kaufman, Savannah
Visualization ability and autobiographical memory
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Krebs, Lindsay
Who did it again? : linguistic relativity and eyewitness memory in English speakers, Spanish speakers, and bilinguals
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Krenik, Destine
The effects of maternal care on glucocorticoid receptor expression in the mouthbrooding chichlid a. Burtoni
Advisor: Suzy Renn 

Kreth, Veda
For whom is androgyny relevant?
Advisor: Kris Anderson 

MacCalman, Emily
An investigation of the link between specific phobias and substance use behaviors
Advisor: Kris Anderson

MacCalman, Michelle
Perceptions of gender and behavioral willingness in a social context simulation
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Marsh, Kendra
No new matches : understanding self-presentation and meta-accuracy in dating application content
Advisor: Kathryn Oleson

Murphy, Robert
The synergistic influence of bias awareness and implicit theories of prejudice on racial prejudice
Advisor: Kathryn Oleson

Ortego, Kevin
Is the chicken ready to eat? : electrophysiological signatures of ambiguity in the brain
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Pearlman, Sarah
The influence of gang affiliation and race of the defendant on juror decision making
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Schulingkamp, Rachel
No new friends? : an economic analysis comparing the value of familiar and unfamiliar interactions in rats
Advisor: Jonathan Rork & Tim Hackenberg

Sky-Johnson, Clarise
The effects of an incremental theory intervention on algebra students' motivation and performance in mathematics
Advisor: Igor Bascandziev

Solis, Delenn
An investigation into local/global processing in grapheme-color synesthetes
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Spear, Genevieve
The effects of lighting design on mood, attention, and stress
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Steele, Theresa
Adam and EVN : understanding the cellular basis of sexual dimorphism in the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis
Advisor: Erik Zornik 

Tripier, Juliette
You can't see me : searching for evidence of unconscious semantic processing in an inattentional blindness paradigm
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Yang, Tianfang
Build a bridge, not a wall : how moral reframing facilitates perspective-talking in political communication
Advisor: Kathryn Oleson


Abtahi, Shayan
Accumbal Ghrelin and Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Modulation of Ethanol Reward and Ingestive Behavior in Female Rats
Advisor: Paul Currie

Alexander, Jordan
Self-Esteem and Drink Refusal Self-Efficacy in an Adolescent Prevention Context
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Basu, Kavya
Unraveling the Neutral Correlates of Consciousness During the Processing of Words
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Dirks, Aaron
Integration of Amygdalar Urocortin 1 and Endocannabinoid Signaling on the Modulation of Ethanol Reinstatement and Preference
Advisor: Paul Currie

Erwin, Cecelia
Fixed Time Schedules Produce Equivalent Consumption of Ethanol and Sucrose Reinforcement in Freely Feeding Rats
Advisor: Paul Currie

Feinstein, Marc
Meditating on Impulsivity: An Attempt to use Mindfulness to Influence Rate of Delay Discounting
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg & Ana Franceschini

Feldhaus, Isabella
The Effects of Storybrook-Embedded Linguistic Cues on Helping Behavior, Intentions, and Cognitions of Preschool-aged Children
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Good, Kayla
The Effect of Praise Type and Linguistic Cues on Parents' Perceptions of Traits and Behaviors Associated with Achievement
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Hall, Thalia
The Effects of Cannabis on Eyewitness Memory: Face Memory and Recognition
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Hansson, Jocelyn
Variability Reinforcement and Learning in a Computer Game Context
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Heinz, Daniel
The phosphorylation dependency of effects of morphine pre-treatment on mu-opioid receptor sensitivity
Advisor: Erik Zornik

Huang, Jasmine
Classical conditioning without awareness: An electrophysiological investigation
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg & Michael Pitts

Israel, Laura
Creating a Video Game Simulation of Alcohol and Marijuana Use: Pilot Study
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Jimenez-Wieneke, Alexandar
Neural Correlates of Expected and Unexpected Perceptual Transitions of a Bistable Figure
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Knoepfler, Aliana
Eyewitness Lineup Identifications: The Impact of Suspect Stereotypicality, Crime Type, and Victim Race
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Koukoutchos, Corbin
No N400 in the absence of awareness: an inattentional blindness study
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Lanzalotta, Jaroth
Instilling a generalized resistance to persuasion
Advisor: Kateryna Sylaska

Li, Danting
Maximizers Versus Satisficers: Decision-making styles, Sense of Control and Vulnerability to Sunk-cost Fallacy
Advisor: Dan Reisberg & Yan Lau

Porkar-Aghdam, Shirin
An Experimental Analysis of Pigeons' Demand for Food and Water in a Token Economy
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Rouda, Rebecca
Prediction of collegiate engagement with alcohol via self-handicapping, drinking motives, and academic pressure
Advisor: Kristen Anderson

Sutherland, Nicolette
Cross-modal Perceptual Learning: A Novel Shape Tasting Method for Sensory Discrimination of Wine
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez & Michael Pitts

VanderJagt, Hayley
A History of Binge-Like and Daily Cocaine Exposure Increases Consumption of Highly Palatable Food
Advisor: Paul Currie

Ward, Nathan
Considering the Who and Why of Opponent Selection: Goal Orientation, Competitiveness, and Social Comparison in a Competitive Gaming Community
Advisor: Kateryna Sylaska

Wolcott, Gabrielle
Risk and Resilience: The Four Sources of Self-Efficacy
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Zimmer, Nicholas
How does Imitation Promote Pro-Sociality? The Effects of Contingency and Similarity on Pro-Social Behavior using Natural and Artificial Stimuli
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg & Carol Franceschini


Appelbaum, Madeline
Academic Motivation in Undergraduates: A Person-Centered, Mixed-Methods Analysis
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Badger, Jacob
Motivating Young Musicians: The Effects of Teaching Practice Strategies and Allowing Choice Repertoire
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Baumgartner, Hannah
Ghrelinergic and Endocannabinoid Signaling in the Amygdala and Ethanol Reward
Advisor: Paul Currie

Chesley, Oliver
The Role of Attention in Grapheme-Color Synesthesia
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Ellinger, Rachel
Examining the role of interaural time and level differences on speech intelligibility in complex multi-talker environments
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez & Frederick Gallun

Eyers, Jack
The Effect of Internet-Based Pretrial Publicity on Potential Capital Jurors
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Flint, Lafcadio
Communicating Status through Body Language and Clothing
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Flores, Hazel
Tensed: A linguistic analysis of the relationship between stress, anxiety, and word use
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Goldblatt, Carly
Coloring Consciousness: Exploring the Neural Correlates of Conscious Perception by Manipulating Awareness of Color
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Groombridge, Elizabeth
Gendering Strangers: Why, How, and Why Not
Advisor: Kathy Oleson & Chloe Chapin

Hawley, Kirsten
The Role of Basic Need Support in Adaptive Coping
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Kalisher, Caleb
Attribute amnesia or task-based interference?
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Kenchel, Jillian
Eyewitness Confidence: Post-Identification Feedback Affects Both Verbal and Numerical Expressions
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Kerns, Lydia
Worry, Risk Perception, and Motivation to Quit Smoking
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Leong, Anthony
Biocultural Perspectives on Circumcision and Autonomy of Incompetent Patients
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Merfeld, Emily
Action of Cytoskeletal Crosslinking Proteins in Nuclear Positing and Movement
Advisor: Derek Applewhite

Miller, Justin
The Effects of Dextromethorphan on Depression- and Anxiety-Like Behavior in Mice
Advisor: Paul Currie

Miller, L. B.
The Utility of Distraction: Alternative Response Options for Pigeons in a Self Control Paradigm
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Pike, Eleanor
The Effect of Marijuana on Eyewitness Memory
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Rice, Clara
Praise-Seeking Behavior Among College Students: Links to a History of Ability Praise, Academic Contingent Self-Worth, and Entity Theory
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Ryan, James
Sex-Dependent Consequences of Early-Life Maternal Separation on Anxiety-like Behavior, Glucocorticoid Signaling, and Hippocampal Gene Expression
Advisor: Paul Currie & Suzy Renn

Scarpetta, Maia
Neural Correlates of Auditory Attention in an Exogenous Orienting Task
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Schweitzer, Emma
The Effects of Oxytocin in Mediating Social Behavior and the Value of Social Reward in Female Rats
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg & Suzy Renn

Sheskier, Mikela
The Pro-Social and Anxiolytic Effects of Oxytocin in a Postnatal VPA Animal Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Advisor: Paul Currie

Troxell Whitman, Zoe
Motivated Disclosure Patterns: Disability Identity Management in the Higher Education Environment
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Vanderhooft, Lauren
Recourse Exploitation in a Modified Public Goods Foraging Game with Rats
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg & Allen Neuringer

Vinton, Eileen
Safety and Discomfort in the Classroom: Naïve Realism and Productive Discomfort in Higher Education
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Wagar, Madeline
"Come here often?": The Role of Choice and Novelty in Social Preference and Decision-Making in Rats
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Yohannes, Winta
Negotiated Justice: The Role of Race, Age, and Crime Type on Plea Bargaining
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Zallar, Lia
Ghrelinergic and Endocannabinoid Signaling in Ethanol Reward and Food Consumption
Advisor: Paul Currie


Agan, Emily
The Effects of Mouthbrooding on Brood Size, Growth, and Mobile Behaviors in Astatotilapia burtoni
Advisor: Suzy Renn

Bauer, Phoebe
The Figure is in the Brain of the Beholder: Neural Correlates of Individual Perceptions in the Bistable Face-Vase Image
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Beach, Peter
Assigned Achievement Goals and Self-Handicapping
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Brockway, Emma
Investigating Possible Anxiety Effects of Anandamide into the Edinger-Westphal Nucleus
Advisor: Paul Currie

Carnegie, Amanda
A First Empirical Look into the Nature of the Trigger Warning: Anxiety and Behavioral Functions as Tested by an Approach-Avoidance Task
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Crisman, Elizabeth
Don't read the comments: Online comment sections as prejudicial pretrial publicity
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Evans, Orian
Sex and age differences in alcohol drinking behavior in socialized vs isolated C57BL/6J mice
Advisor: Raúl Pastor-Medall

Geffen, Allesandra
Haitian Creole genesis: language contact and language creation
Advisor: J. Matthew Pearson

Graulty, Christian
Neuronal Dynamics of Grapheme-Color Synesthesia
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Hoeflin, Caitlyn
"It's Not Me, It's My Brain": How Neuroscience Evidence Affects Perceptions of Free Will
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Horel, Meredith
The Roots of Prosocial Behaviors in Preschool Children: Theory of Mind and Empathy
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Jackson, Corinna
Binge-like methamphetamine consumption in a selected mouse line
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Jackson-Nielsen, Molly
Awareness doesn't come for free: The attentional costs of gist perception
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Khoo, Xin
Perceptual Awareness in Human Ventral Stream Visual Cortex: Neural Correlates of Consciousness or Reporting?
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Lauffer, Marisol
Developing an Animal Model of the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART)
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Lisitsa, Elizabeth
Blame It On The Alcohol: Effects of Perpetrator Alcohol Use on Implicit and Explicit Attributions of Blame for Sexual Assault
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Maita-Keppeler, Teresa
A Person-Centered Examination of Academic Motivation, Emotions, and Marijuana Use Among Undergraduates
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Moctezuma-Bender, Cloe
Central Amygdala Endocannabinoid Neurotransmission Alters Emotional Memory Processes in Female Rats
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg & Paul Currie

Morales, Ileana
Differential Involvement of Dopamine and Opioid Signaling in Food Preference and Effort-Related Decision-Making in Rats
Advisor: Raúl Pastor-Medall & Tim Hackenberg

Morris, Benjamin
Preschool Children’s Learning and Motivation in Game-Based Learning Contexts
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Papaioannou, Orestis
Investigating the validity of the additive model as a control in audiovisual integration studies
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Pekarskaya, Elizabeth
Cyclical Feelings: Effects of Continuous Hormonal Contraception on Stress Behavior and Circulating Hormones in a Mouse Model
Advisor: Erik Zornik & Raúl Pastor-Medall

Ponteri, Brice
Studying Social Motivation Using the Valproic Acid Animal Model of Autism in Rats
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Scherm, Nicole
Neural Correlates of Speech Perception
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez & Michael Pitts

Selva, Joaquin
Ventral Tegmental and Systemic Ghrelin Stimulate Ethanol Intake
Advisor: Paul Currie

Shadrach, Lina
The Psychological Study of Morality and Gender: A Feminist-Postmodernist Perspective of Moral Psychology
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Valcarce, Bianca
Inoculating Jurors Against Expert Hindsight Bias in Medical Malpractice Litigation
Advisor: Dan Reisberg


Benak, Abbey

The Effects of Pre-Call Instructions and Voice Distinctiveness on Earwitness Identification
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Chavez, Alison
A Person-Centered Investigation of Academic Motivation, Emotions, and Drinking in a High School
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Corallo, Chandler
Girls and Academic Achievement in the Elementary-Middle School Classroom: Examining the Relationships among Gender, Evaluative Feedback, and Beliefs about the Self
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Covill-Grennan, Grace
Personal Narrative, Development, and Identity: Men at a Minimum Security Prison
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Doucette, Chanelle
“That’s (not) what she said”: How Sexual Arousal Influences the Interpretation of Facial Expressions
Advisor: Tim Flemming

Duffy, Katherine
Influences of Gender and Sexual Orientation Identity Salience on Group Dynamics
Advisor: Tim Flemming

Hiura, Lisa
To Free, or Not to Free: The Relative Reinforcing Values of Food Reward vs. Social Contact in Rats
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Kafka, Alison
Overprescribed and Under-researched: A Look into the Effect of Chronic, low-dose, oral exposure to DL Amphetamine in the Developing Male Sprague-Dawley
Advisor: Paul Currie & Tim Flemming

Leighton, Isabelle
Women’s Effort Perception, in STEM and Beyond: An Assessment of Accuracy, Motivational Correlates, and Potential Moderators
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Liebow, Samuel
Are There Statistical Heuristics for the Law of Large Numbers?

Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Linthicum, Kathryn
There’s an App for That: Investigating mindfulness, context, and moods
Advisor: Tim Flemming

Metzler, Stephen
Conscious and Non-Conscious Visual Processing of Shape and Color Depends on Task-Oriented Attention
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Myers, Julianne
Imagine the Possibilities: Familiarity Effects on the Subjective Vividness of Auditory Imagery of Speakers and Singers
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Scarcello, Antonia
Social and Empathic Nudges: An evaluation of the two intervention strategies to influence handwashing behavior
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Schelonka, Kathryn
The Neural Correlates of Word Perception during Inattentional Blindness
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco Gonzalez

Shelstad, James
Interspecies Behavioral Biases and the Conceptual Components of Crosslinguistic Syntactic Patterns

Advisor: Tim Hackenberg & Enriqueta Canseco Gonzalez

Swanson, Annam
Even Educated Fleas Do It: An Achievement Goal Theory for Sex Education
Advisor: Kathy Oleson


Balk, Maggie 
Anxiety, Bodily Awareness, and Substance Use
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Barrientos, Yogan 
Competition and Stress
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Berry, Allison 
The Effects of Chronic Peripheral Oxytocin Administration in Diet-Induced Obese Rats on a High-Protein Diet
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Cain, Deirdre 
The Effects of Motivation on False Memory Adoption
Advisor: Cara Laney

Callis, Mackenzie 
The Effects of Social Exclusion on Behavioral Willingness in Simulated Collegiate Drinking Contexts
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Carreras, Aaron 
Reevaluating Learning Without Awareness: An extension of Williams (2005)
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Chiles, Robert
The Impact of Lineup Instructions on Eyewitness Identification Accuracy
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Dash, Genevieve
Academic Motivation and Motives to Use or Abstain From Marijuana in Adolescents: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Davis, Katherine 
Metabolic and Behavioral Effects of Saccharin Consumption in Juvenile and Adult Rats
Advisor: Paul Currie

Dinkova, Elizabeth
Perceptions of Visual Causality in Pigeons and Humans
Advisor: Tim Flemming

Doerflinger, Jane
The Interaction Violent Media and Personality
Advisor: Cara Laney

Gelman, Annelyse
The Effects of Improvisation on Creative Problem-Solving
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Gottman, Moriah
Caffeine and Dementia in a Rat Model of Parkinsons
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Heichman, Sharon
The effects of ghrelin and neuropeptide Y microinjections into the ventral tegmental area on appetitve motivation and food intake
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Hildebrand-Chupp, Rowan
Asexuality and the US Mental Health System: Diagnostic Decision-Making Regarding Clients Who Could Potentially Identify as Asexual
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Houston, Alex
Juror Perceptions of Fingerprint Evidence and Expert Testimony
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Leontovich, Natalia
The effects of ghrelin microinjections into the basolateral amygdala on anxiety behavior
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Lewis, Clara
The Collegiate-Simulated Intoxication Digital Elicitation (C-SIDE) and Concurrent Alcohol Use, Context, and Motives
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Lewis, Melissa
An Open Science Electrophysiology Study of the Error-Related Negativity and Anxiety
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Mastick, Rodney 
The effect of ambiguity in situation and threat on collective flight behavior
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Maxon, Elizabeth
Cognitive Flexibility & Theory of Mind Development: The Influence of Relational Language on False-belief Understanding
Advisor: Tim Flemming

Meese, William
The Effects of Social Identity Threat on College Students with ADHD
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Nelken, Jacob
The Effects of HRTFs on the Listening Experience
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Neumann, Carlie
The Zooniversal Nature of Anxiety: A Comparative Assessment of Stereotypic Behavior Across Species
Advisor: Tim Flemming

Oh, Linda
Can Procrastination be Productive?: Differences in Motivation and Self-Regulation of the ‘Active’ Procrastinator in the Academic Context
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Pang, Alicia
Stereotypicality and Social Identity Complexity: Considering Multiple Social Identities under Stereotype Threat
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Pettyjohn, Ethan
Motivations of Play and their Role in Predicting High Engagement and Problematic Usage among World of Warcraft Players
Advisor: Cara Laney

Plascencia, Eugenia
Using psycholinguistics to investigate the syntactic structure of the dative alternation in Mexican Spanish
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Raisz, Eva 
Social Comparison: Assimilation and Contrast Effects with In-Group and Out-Group Targets
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Ramezani, Kimya
Twitter: A Window on Alcohol Use?
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Rodriguez, Sal
Mortality Salience and Intellectual Performance
Advisor: Cara Laney

Scola, Alex
Vividness of Mental Imagery as a Predictor for Facial Recognition
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Shafto, Juliet
Neural signatures of conscious face perception: The N170 is absent during inattentional blindness
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Silbert, Karen
8-OH-DPAT microinjections have effects on anxiety in ventral amygdaloid areas which are modulated by co-administration with ghrelin
Advisor: Tim Flemming

Sosa, Frank
Loss Aversion in the Pigeon
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Stein, Hannah
Clinical Judgment and Cultural Differences in the Diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Theis, Jemana
Childhood Place and Environmental Identity
Advisor: Cara Laney

Wauson, Shelby
Examining the role of ghrelin in activating dopaminergic projections from the VTA to the BLA: VTA ghrelin enhances reward-cue acquisition in a reinstatement paradigm
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Wells, Luke
Why Do People Do Dumb Things?
Advisor: Dan Reisberg

Yiu, Loretta
Electrophysiological Estimate of the Time Course of Syntactic and Language Tag Encoding During Bilingual Word Recognition
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez


Berg, Don 
Enthusiastic Students: The Motivational Consequences of Two Alternatives to Mandatory Instruction
Advisor: Jennifer Corpus

Coston, Eli 
The Effects of Auditory Bandwidth and Spatial Congruence on Early Audiovisual Interactions
Advisor: Michael Pitts

Davidson, Gray 
Apparent Motion and the Tritone Paradox: An EEG Investigation of Novel Bistable Stimuli
Advisor: Michael Pitts

de los Reyes, Alisa
Blame and Memory    
Advisor: Cara Laney

Garcia, Jennifer
Evaluating the Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behavioral Model of Eating Disorders with Student Athletes
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Grimaldi, Elizabeth 
Motivational Profiles of Academic Motivation, Drinking Motivation, and Motivation not to Drink Predict Alcohol Related Outcomes     
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Heiss, Meredith S.
Detecting Deception and False Memories in Transcripts and Videos
Advisor: Cara Laney

Ladizinsky, Esther
Effects of Caffeine on Attention and Cognition in Sleep-Deprived College Students
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Lynch, Andrew 
Consumer Purchasing Decisions and the Question-Behavior Effect
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Matsen, Julie
Parenting Styles, Need for Fulfillment and Eating Regulation: Factors in Disordered Eating
Advisor: Jennifer Corpus

Nguyen, Elizabeth 
A Linguistic Relativity Study Involving the Visual Mismatch Negativity Component and English and Vietnamese Colors                  
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Pichel, Amanda
The Effects of a Therapeutic Writing Task on Students in a Competitive Academic Setting
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Sitney, Miranda
Every American's Goal: A Self-Determination Approach to Promoting Healthy Eating Behavior
Advisor: Jennifer Corpus

Wise, Adrienne
The Contribution of Belongingness Uncertainty, Self-Doubt and Perceived Effort Expenditure to Domain Identification and Persistence of Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Fields
Advisor: Kathy Oleson


Blickenstaff, Bradley 
Multimodal Numerical Cognition in Pigeons
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Brackenbury, Lauren M.
Collegiate Decision Making about Drug Use
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Canada, Katherine G.
Thinking Through Change: The Effect of Implicit Trait Theories on Goals and Well-Being
Advisor: Acacia Parks    

Carby-Angus, Petergaye Simonne
A Major By Any Other Name Would Still Have a Stereotype: Social Dominance
Orientation, Group Membership, Major Involvement and Major Stereotyping
Advisor: Peter Marks

Cooney, Henry A.
The Role of TRPV1 Receptor in Endocannabinoid Enhancement of Emotional Memory
Advisors: Tim Hackenberg and Paul J. Currie

Evensen, Lara A.K.   
Perceptions of Belonging and Adjustment to College: The Role of Social
Persistence and Social Risk-Taking    
Advisor: Peter Marks

French, Matthew
To Pee, or Not to Pee, that is the Stresstion: An Exploratory Study in the Psychological
Relation of Positive Emotions to Stress Hormones as Measured in Urine by Gas
Chromatography—Mass Spectroscopy
Advisor: Acacia Parks       

Gerhardt, Jessica
A Crying (Prejudice) Shame: The Effects of Confronter and Gender on
Perceptions of Sexism
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Gray, Chris
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Realegeno, Claudia
Better Living Through Chemistry: Modafinil as a Pharmocotherapy for
Neuropsychological Recovery from Methamphetamine Dependence
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg       

Hammond-Oakley, Clara
The Role of Death Qualification in Venirepersons’ Memory for Pretrial Publicity
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Harati, Amelia Y.P.
When the Grass is Browner on the Other Side:  The Effects of Stigma and Social

Comparison on Mental Health Help Seeking in College Students  
Advisor: Acacia Parks

Kappeyne van de Coppello, Nicholas
Meta Rats: Self-Awareness During Self-Report and Escape       
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Kim, Jonathan Young
An Investigation of Perceptual and Behavioral Confirmation within Friendship Dyads    
Advisor: Kris Anderson

Lasner, Will
Is There a Cognitive Heuristic that is Activated by the Properties of Self-Voice?   
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Leonard, Jason 
Discovering the Key to Unlocking Tool-Use in a Non-Tool-Using Species
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Luchow, Justin Evan
Human and Pet Animal Social Support and their Corresponding Situational Factors
Advisor: Acacia Parks

McMahon, Jean Marie
Mortality Salience and the University Worldview: Exploring the Terror
Management Benefits of an Intrinsic Orientation 
Advisor: Kathy Oleson

Porter, Devon E.
The Effect of the Appearance-Change Instruction on Same-Race and Cross-Race
Eyewitness Identifications   
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Quackenbush, Mathias Paul
Risk-Taking and the Four-Factor Model of Impulsivity            
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Schneider, Ashley
A Developmental Perspective on Alcohol Use in Middle and High School Students:

Effects of School Engagement and Peer Victimization   
Advisor: Kris Anderson     

Schwartz, Robert M. 
The Functionality of Cross-Modal Activation in Word Identification
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Skaperdas, Eleni
The Intimate Internet: Personality and Self-Disclosure in Online vs. Face-to-Face Communications         
Advisor: Peter Marks    

Speert, Zach
The Influence of Experimental Technique on Caffeine-Placebo Responding
Advisor: Acacia Parks             

Thoreson, Justina K.
Perceptions of Female Physical Beauty: Are Men and Women on the Same Page?
Advisor: Kathy Oleson                                  

Weinberg, Zachary Y.
An Exploration of Ghrelin’s Effect in a Conditioned Place Preference Paradigm
Advisor: Paul J. Currie


Baltzell, Lucas S.
Interaction between syntax processing in language and music as a function of bilingualism : an ERP study
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Booth, Margaret Rae
The effects of praise followed by ambiguous feedback on college students' intrinsic motivation
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Briggs, Kristen E. L.
Factors influencing adolescents' motivation to seek therapy for depression
Advisor: Rachel E. Goldsmith

Call, Aaron
Mindfulness for children : "a pillow you can take anywhere"
Advisor: Jaime Kurtz

Chapman, Colin Daniel
Oxytocin mediates ghrelin-induced eating in the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

DeBellis, Paul
The power of music and memory in advertising
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Dennis, Jessica
Metacognition in rats
Advisor: Tim Hackenberg

Dubose, Ryan
A picture is worth a thousand words : using photography to cultivate positive emotions through savoring
Advisor: Jaime Kurtz

Duncan, Katia D.
The effect of allocutions on capital jury sentencing decisions
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Forbis, Jessica Elizabeth
Memory and emotion : the memory effects of humor
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Fuentes, Lauren Elizabeth
Correlates of posttraumatic growth in adults who experienced parental cancer in adolescence
Advisor: Rachel E. Goldsmith

Fyfe, Alisa Michelle
Mothers' reminiscing style and use of suggestive questioning in unshared and shared event conversations
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Goehner, Sean
The post-decision satisfaction of cellphone purchases : can the best phone be the worst choice?
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Gottschlich, Alyssa
Effect of the 5-HT2C antagonist SB242084 on eating behavior in the rat
Advisor: Paul Currie

Haimovitz, Kyla
Effects of person verses process praise on student motivation : stability and change in emerging adulthood
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Hertz, Robin M.
Effect of a mindfulness-based intervention on attributions for PTSD
Advisor: Rachel Goldsmith

Hewey, Jeryl
The self-determined voter : a need-based theory of political engagement
Advisor: Jaime Kurtz

Hilbert, Brian
Rats' choices in situations of diminishing returns : effects of motivation and switching costs
Advisor: Tim D. Hackenberg

John, Catherine S.
Targeting the endocannabinoid system : how agonism and antagonism of TRPV1 and CB1 receptors in the basolateral amygdala can differentially affect anxiolytic and anxiogenic behavior
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Kessler, Nicholas
Motivation, incentive sensitization and college drinking: an eye-tracking study of attentional processes
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson

Kurbanov, Daniel B.
Naltrexone suppresses food intake and body weight gain in a rat model of olanzapine-induced hyperphagia and obesity
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Larisch, Ruby
Free bird : proposing and testing an ecologically valid foraging analogue for the operant laboratory
Advisor: Timothy Hackenberg

Luehrs, Evin Hunter
Testosterone and 17ß-estradiol in male cynomolgus monkeys self-administering ethanol
Advisor: Timothy Hackenberg

Lyo, Shawn
Bidirectionality of psychological variables and embodiment in the form of static postures and walks
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

McCarron, Tara
Academic motivations for the nonmedical use of prescription stimulants
Advisor: Jamie Kurtz

Moshontz de la Rocha, Hannah
Making energy saving normal : an energy-saving intervention based on the focus theory of normative conduct
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Moss, Alexa C.
Eyewitness identification procedures in Oregon police work and the impact of the appearance-change instruction on identification accuracy
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Nicholson, Marjorie Louise
Ghrelin microinjections into the ventral tegemental area elicit an increase in motivation for food seeking
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Robinson, Joanna M.
When you see it, let it be : urgency, mindfulness and adolescent substance use
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson

Sutherland, Thomas McGarrett
Potential interactions between centrally administered ghrelin and salvinorin A on the expression of reward : a conditioned place preference study in rats
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Volker, David Andrew Bowman
Self-complexity deconstructed : the independent and joint contributions of integration and differentiation of the self-concept to resilience
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Westgate, Erin Corwin
A rocky issue : the effects of humor on learning and interest in an educational context
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Witkin, Emily
Positive and negative urgency, motives, and perceived risk in adolescent alcohol use
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson

Wormington, Stephanie V.
Put them together and what have you got? : A person-centered investigation of academic motivation, performance, and engagement in a high school setting
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus


Baikie-Rick, Rachel R.
The state of the art : impacting women's artistic creativity through stereotype susceptibility and competition
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Beasley, Robertson Tyne Earthman
Hearing outside the box : an exploration of how categories mediate the auditory attentional blink
Advisor: Derek E. Lyons

Casey, Christopher M.
Are individual differences in preference for consistency and cooperation predictive of behavior in social dilemmas?
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Coles, Roswell Strong, IV
Salvia? in my ventricle? it's more likely than you think : a conditioned place preference assay in rats after central injection of Salvinorin A
Advisor: Paul J. Currie, Ph.D

Davis, Matthew James
Ghrelin microinjection into the ventral tegmental area induces conditioned place preference
Advisor: Paul J. Currie, Ph.D

Federow, Mariah Dyan Bernard
Hidden in plain sight : a detailed analysis of dog social cue preference
Advisor: Derek E. Lyons

Frederick, Benedict John, IV
Adolescent substance abuse and comorbid psychopathology : the youth relapse model
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson, Ph.D

Garfield, Tamara
Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder experience decrements in executive function as a result of stress in social situations
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Grueneisen, Aline Michelle
Feeling the weight of a cognitive backpack : the mind's effect on visual perception
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Horvick, Michael
The relationship between stress, burnout, and leisure as a coping strategy within a student population
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson, Ph.D

Hudson, James
Indirect effects of processing fluency on reasoning
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Kominsky, Jonathan F.
Are you reading through time? : two studies of the relationship between space and time in English speakers
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Liddell, Jessica
The black hole of motherhood : a decrease in perceived competence and hirability for female physics job candidates with children
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Loera, Katherine E.
Serotonin attenuates the orexigenic and anxiogenic actions of ghrelin within the paraventricular nucleus of thehypothalamus
Advisor: Paul J. Currie Ph.D

McGee, Anna Joyce
Do you see what I see? : canine understanding of what is new and old in the experience of others
Advisor: Derek E. Lyons

McNellis, Jamie
Transference of handling effects between rats
Advisor: Mark Pitzer

Robboy, Juliet M.
Intergenerational child abuse, revictimization, and coping
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson, PhD

Snelling, Jennifer Kelly
Race and ethnicity in jury selection
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Springate-Combs, Cole
The double phonemic boundary : development in non-native bilinguals
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzales

Staples, Roy P.
Who are they? : group entitativity, subgroup relations, and immigration policy
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Tinsley, Alexandra
You can tell by the way I use my walk : gait symmetry and judgments of attractiveness, competence, friendliness, and desirability
Advisor: Mark Pitzer

Utevsky, Natasha Bessie
Spirituality in the context of risk and protection
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson, Ph.D

Voss, Sandra Kristina
Differences between Spanish and English speakers' perceptions of animal gender
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Wall, Daniel G.
Pretreatment with insulin detemir attenuates the orexigenic effects of ghrelin
Advisor: Paul J. Currie, Ph.D

Yen, Tian Yu
How to motivate yourself to write a bibliography when you expect it to be boring : interest expectations and students' use of motivational strategies
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus


Beaumont, Richard
The effect of Afrocentric facial features on conviction rate : amock-juror simulation
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Brehm, Laurel Ellen
Language rules : lexical ambiguity and models of sentence processing
Advisor: Kyle E. Chambers

Bridge, Rami
The suppression of stereotypic inferences based on Afrocentric facial features : a dilemma unsolved by awareness
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Buras, Morgan Raya Cooper
Affect, expectancies and drinking patterns in older adults
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson

Cardinale, Quincy Reiken
Auditory and visual memory capacity : do similar items limit capacity?
Advisor: Kyle Chambers

Cook, Alexandria
Parental perceptions of infants' television viewing
Advisor: Rebecca Brand

Gersovitz, Ryan
A comparison of eyewitness identification accuracy between simultaneous, sequential, and elimination lineup procedures
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Go, Jennifer N.
Everybody's doing it : adolescent substance use and gender difference on the A-SIDE task
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson

Grant, Alexandra
Ethnic differences in American college students' drinking behavior and alcohol expectancies
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson

Grunwald, Ilan
The expansion of a motivational model for alcohol use
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson

Hafer-Zdral, Jennifer
When senses collide : multimodal and dynamic people perception
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Hollenbeck, Emily Nicole
Mothers' use of eye gaze in infant-directed action demonstrations
Advisor: Rebecca Brand

Horsley, William Stewart
Pornography consumption, body image, and sexual behavior in college-age men
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Hudson, Patrick G.
Navigation of the Rough-skinned newt ("Taricha granulosa")" : is there a geo-magnetic sense?
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Ilyes, Emese
The heat beneath the melting pot : implicit and explicit stereotyping of immigrants
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Juarez, Lindsay
Stereotype threat and self-affirmation : the good student
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Kushlev, Kostadin Petrov
The more you want the less you get : the effect of maximizing, number of choices and mindfulness on purchasing decisions in Americans and Bulgarians
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Kuznetsova, Ludmila
Free testosterone concentrations in a Hepatitis C population
Advisor: Jennifer Loftis and Paul J. Currie

Lehet, Matthew I.
Gap junctions and memory
Advisor: Paul Currie

Leonard, Lindsay Alyse
Effects of nitric oxide, c-reactive protein, and depression in hepatitis C patients undergoing interferon-alpha therapy
Advisor: Jennifer Loftis and Paul Currie

Moffitt, Ursula Elinor
Ethnic identity, motivation, and academic engagement among Hispanic immigrant high school students
Advisor: Kyle Chambers

Ostrom, Erik
Magic motion : infants' perception of causality & spontaneous movement
Advisor: Rebecca Brand

Powers, Jaine L.
The way the ball bounces : seeking direct connections between intrinsic motivation and mindfulness as well as investigating the presence of both in jugglers
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Ragnarsson, Kristín Ásta
Evidence for motionese in a non-parent population
Advisor: Rebecca Brand

Rodnick-Smith, Zane
Individual differences in visual imagery
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Sarkodie, Kwaku Amoako
8-OH-DPAT attenuates the anxiogenic action of hypothalamic ghrelin
Advisor: Paul J. Currie

Siegel, Cara
Oxytocin mediates partner preference in the polygamous rat
Advisor: Paul Currie

Siegel, Seneca
Exploring asymmetrics in figurative language between Spanish and English speakers
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Summers, Emily
A study of modern personality
Advisor: Kristen G. Anderson

Tabachnick, Anne J.
The effects of variability training on exploratory behavior of rats
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Zander, Robin P.
The effects of variable and creative practice in a dance environment
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Ziegler, Sianna Alia
The virgin/whore dichotomy in action : ambivalent sexism and evaluations of positively and negatively sexually subtyped women
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson


Averbach, Elana J.
The effect of problem size on affect and prosocial choice
Advisor: Dr. Allen Neuringer

Bezemer, Denille
Media and body image : the role of ethnic identity with females of color
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Dunn, Lea H.
Social identity influence on advertising perception
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Edwards, Ben
Investigating intolerance of uncertainty in social anxiety
Advisor: Ken Abrams

Gamble, Marissa Lynn
A time-course study of access to semantic vs. language information in English-Spanish bilinguals
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Hayenga, Amynta O.
Profiles of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation : a holistic studyof motivation and its correlates
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Hibbard, Isaac
Ease of discrimination of 'polymorphically'-similar stimuli after1, 2, and 3 behavioral equivalencies
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Iglehart, Blake
The relative impact of photographic and video lineups on eyewitness accuracy
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Killeen, Rhiannon Elizabeth
The effects of gender make-up of an exercise environment on the self-objectification of women
Advisor: Ken Abrams

Kochhar-Lindgren, Duncan
Contemporary racism in juries : the need for cognition and race salience
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Koren, Matthew
The effects of instant messenger on social perceptions
Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Abrams

Lee, Christian
Big-five personality traits and religiosity : delving deeper into the relationships between personality and religion
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Murphy-Crews, Aaron M.
Cytokine-induced depression and the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis : effects of sub-chronic interleukin-1β and DMP904on immobility in the forced swim test and peripheral cytokine levels
Advisor: Jennifer M. Loftis

Nash, Whitney N.
Curiosity and sensation seeking in middle school : motivational profiles and academic achievement
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Peric, Mirna
Prophylactic administration of citalopram to treat pegylated-interferon induced depression in Hepatitis C patients
Advisor: Jennifer M. Loftis

Ritchie, Andrew
Change or mirage? : an investigation of stereotyping and cognitive load
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Safin, Vasiliy
The sunk-cost effect and discounting of delayed rewards
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Troxel, Natalie
Mock witnesses and attitudes toward law enforcement : does cynicism matter when a lineup is biased?
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Weintraub, Natalie H.
Unwanted options : choice behavior and autonomy
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

White, Lauren N.
The effects of multidimensional arousal and thematically induced detail on attention and memory for an emotional event
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez


Blodgett, Elizabeth Geneva
Women and sexuality in the health care setting
Advisor: Allison Caruthers

Bresee, Catherine
Acquired magnetosensation : demonstration of the phenomenon in rats
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Chevalier, D. Ashton
Variation and selection in context
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Deen, Michael
Hookups and women's social, psychological, and sexual health in college
Advisor: Allison Caruthers

Dotson, Rachel
Mother-child conversations and children's memories of unshared events
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Fischer, Kara A.
Overt and covert transfer of statistical reasoning training
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Gatta, David Trexler
The differential effects of oleoylethanolamide on ingestive behavior in free-feeding rats
Advisor: Steven St. John

Giotta, Terra Jade
The effects of stereotype priming in an academic setting
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Hilarides, Bridget Ann Dubois
Coming out and passing : disability identity management in higher education
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Hudgins, Lauren Elaine
Written emotional disclosure : a potential therapeutic intervention for chronic pain
Advisor: Tonya Lippert-Luikart

Lakeland, Violet L.
Effects of sexually objectifying magazine advertisements on late adolescent's gender attitudes and stereotypes : reinforcing traditional roles and ideologies
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

McClintic-Gilbert, Megan S.
The relationships among early adolescents' motivational orientations, learning strategies, and academic achievement
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

O'Sullivan, Matthew
Environmmental influences on developmental and adult injury-induced plasticity : effects of dietary sodium restriction during early development and chorda tympani regeneration on salt taste behavior
Advisor: Steven St. John

Rothstein, Jacob
Ceiling effects in assessments of choice variables
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Sailer, Bonnie Elizabeth
The cost of switching languages and switching categories in two bilingual auditory tasks
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Schriber, Roberta A.
The interactive effect of regulatory focus and self-construal on global-local processing
Advisor: Dell Rhodes

Selfridge, Ethan
The role of state-anxiety in cognitive dissonance induced attitude change
Advisor: Dr. Tonya Lippert-Luikart

Speicher-Eisenstark, Kendra L.
Individual differences in visualization : not a binary categorization
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Stanton, Penelope R.
One for one and all for all? : the effect of group identity and communication on self-interested behavior and trust in social dilemmas
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Steckler, Maureen T.
Heterosexism and attitudes toward same-sex parenting
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Stickney, Sarah Alice
The effects of fear and sadness on automatic intergroup discrimination in the minimal group paradigm
Advisor: Dell Rhodes

Ungerecht, Mary Elizabeth
Gendered power relations and condom use in heterosexual relationships : a critique of the theory of reasoned action
Advisor: Allison S. Caruthers

Walker, Rosa Michelle Montana
An investigation of variability-training in electromyography (EMG) biofeedback
Advisor: Allen Neuringer


Álvarez, Crystal
Ability praise : a possible cause of self-handicapping as mediated through contingent self-worth
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Andrews Ch√°vez, Brian James
Subjective overachievement and risky task choices : an issue for academia or daily life?
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Bambino, Cody Park
Advisor: Lauren Maxim

Bridge, Yael Segal
Examining self-knowledge and individual differences in affective forecasting and the retrospective impact bias
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Brough, Kasmira Maureen
Disability prejudice from a terror management perspective
Advisor: Michelle R. Nario-Redmond

Cover, Rachel Shenandoah
An examination of the relationship between REM sleep, aminergic neurotransmission, and water maze learning and memory in rats
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Duffield, DeeAnna K.
Why don't you like what you like? : modulating factors in the anticipatory contrast and conditioned flavor preference paradigms
Advisor: Steven St. John

Guerrero, Cherie Josefa
A longitudinal approach to intrinsic and extrinsic motivation : the middle school transition
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Hollins, Athena Victoria
The relationship between neuroticism and memory for emotional events
Advisor: Lauren Maxim

Hubbard, Hannah
Confidence-accuracy calibration and the cross-race recognition deficit : race in the mind of the beholder
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Kalmbach, Leila Rose
If seeing is believing, then don't believe your eyes : the effect of photographs on false memories
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Love, Kelly Elizabeth
The impact of beliefs : does shaping theory of intelligence make a difference for motivation
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

McCollum, James Isaac
Acting in other's best interests : self-handicapping and other-enhancement for friends and strangers
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Molloy, Elissa
Professors' perceptions of learning disabled students
Advisor: Michelle R. Nario-Redmond

Myers, Shorey Alison
The cultural psychology of confirmation bias : dialectics, logic and the evaluation of hypotheses
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Rancourt, Joseph F.
To taste or not to taste : human fatty acid taste perception
Advisor: Steven St. John

Saxbe, William B.
Your president is "always" right : motivated credulity and the 2004 Presidential debate
Advisor: Kathryn C. Oleson

Scheiner, Lauren Rose
Lexical access in Spanish-English bilinguals during auditory comprehension
Advisor: Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Schreiner, Ian Taavi
Mood and variability
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Tappon, Sarah C.
Combining concepts in language
Advisor: Daniel Reisberg

Trimble, Cynthia A.
Motivational regulation strategies in elementary school populations
Advisor: Jennifer Henderlong Corpus

Tubman, Shimron Louis Lyons
The taste of science : how sweet can it be?
Advisor: Dr. Steven St. John

Wagner, Katherine
Delay of reinforcement and variability
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Weiss, Alison R.
Object manipulation in two strains of laboratory rat
Advisor: Allen Neuringer

Wensman, Leigh
Personality and vocational interests in undergraduate major selection
Advisor: Lauren Maxim, Ph.D