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Your Griffin Guides

The Griffin Guides in Psychology are student peer mentors who work closely to build community within the Psychology department. We help fellow students who are majoring in Psychology and Neuroscience, especially those in their first and second years, as a peer resource for how to navigate everything from class listings within Psychology to the transition into Reed culture. As community builders, we organize and host events both meant to involve, support, and connect students within the department as well as to unite students, faculty, and staff. We hope to cultivate relationships and engagement in order to maintain a strong support system within the department as well as create an inclusive and approachable environment.

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Who We Are


  • Senior
  • From: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Interests in Psychology: Cognitive and Developmental Disciplines of Psychology
  • Fun Facts: In Armenia I am the “American guy”, in the USA I am the “Armenian guy”, but never am I just a guy who is obsessed with mythology and post-soviet culture.


  • Junior
  • From: Corvallis, Oregon
  • Fun Facts: I'm a Latine student. I love cooking and crafting. I once almost went to Washington because I got on the wrong bus with my friend and made a presentation in Chinese about it.


  • Junior
  • From: 3rd culture kid between India and the States
  • Fun Facts: As Lorelai said, "If eating cake is wrong, I don't want to be right. Henceforth, cake is my favorite snack, but I love spicy food, should be a food group.