Psychology Department

Kathryn C. Oleson

Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Psychology

Email | 503-517-7498

Social psychology, interpersonal relations, social cognition

Curriculum Vitae
Student Perception Project

Education and Professional Positions

1989, B.A., Psychology, University of Kansas
1993, Ph.D., Social Psychology, Princeton University
1993-1995, NIMH Postdoctoral Fellow, Ohio State University
1995-2000, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Reed College
2000-2008, Associate Professor of Psychology, Reed College
2008-present, Professor of Psychology, Reed College
2004-2006, 2007-2009, Department Head, Department of Psychology, Reed College
2014-2016, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Reed College


I teach a range of courses including Introduction to Psychology, Research Design and Data Analysis, Social Psychology, and a number of upper level seminars in Social Psychology – Interpersonal Perception, Stereotyping and Prejudice, and The Social Self. I seek to actively involve students in the learning process and to help them develop important skills in writing, research, and critical thinking. In my courses, students are engaged with research design and implementation that involves the collection and analysis of new data. (Follow links to course descriptions for additional details.)

PSY 122 Introduction to Psychology II
PSY 322 Social Psychology
PSY 325 Stereotyping and Prejudice
PSY 355 Interpersonal Perception
PSY 348 Research Design and Data Analysis
PSY 422 The Social Self


Much of my research has examined the reactions of students' social selves in challenging academic contexts, concentrating on self-doubt, achievement goals, academic procrastination, and behavioral strategies. Currently, my primary research project is exploring ways to make the college classroom more inclusive, with a particular focus on classroom dynamics. I am conducting both qualitative and quantitative research exploring perceptions and classroom experiences. My focus is on undergraduate students and faculty members' understanding of unproductive and productive discomfort, safety, and learning to provide a richer understanding of the complicated dynamics that occur in the classroom environment. A website for my book on inclusive classroom dynamics, including my current research on discomfort, safety, and learning is at

Selected Recent Publications

(Reed student co-authors bolded)

See CV for complete publications list [PDF]

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