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March 2024

Professor Kristen G. Anderson will carry out an academic stay at the University of Barcelona this March. Anderson, an expert on addictive behaviours in adolescents and on the barriers that limit sports participation among women from marginalized groups, will take part in master’s and bachelor’s degree sessions at the UB’s Faculty of Psychology.

Under the same exchange program, Noemí Pereda, lecturer and researcher at the UB’s Faculty of Psychology, and expert on child and adolescent victimology, will stay at the Reed College in September.

Sign up for the Squier Retreat! If you sign up on by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 6th, then you will be in the first group of students from whom we'll do a lottery and establish the first 35 students to attend the retreat. The remaining names will be put on a waitlist in the event there are cancellations. Add your name to the Squier Retreat Signup list:

May 2017

The Department of Psychology was Reed's most cited department in March 2017 on, with 934 citations.

November 2015

Three students authors, Eliot Garling, Lia Zallar, and Hannah Baumgartner, were selected as winners of the Neuroscience/Psychology/Exercise Poster Prize at the 2015 MCSRP Conference for:

Garling, E.E., Zallar, L.J., Baumgartner, H.M., & Currie, P.J. (2015).
Brain-cannula mapping investigations of acy ghrelin in metabolic, limbic, and reward signaling. Presented at the 24th annual Murdock College Science Research Program, Vancouver, WA, 4-5 November.

Professor Pitts and Melissa Lewis '13 were featured on an OPB segment, "Is Science Research In Crisis?"
Professor Currie was quoted in the Time Magazine article, "You asked: Why do I get hangry?"

June 2015

Chris Graulty '15 speaks with NPR on "The Extra-Special Expertise of a College Senior Thesis" and his own yearlong exploration of synesthesia.
Phoebe Bauer wins 2015 Wender Summer Research Fellowship

March 2015

Funding is available from the Esther Hyatt Wender Fund to facilitate and financially support summer research in psychology by teams of Reed College faculty and students. Applications are due April 1, 2015 at 4:00 pm. More details...

December 2014

Jennifer Corpus named Oregon Professor of the Year

June 2013

Kris Anderson receives a CEIS Fulbright Award (Nov ‘13 –Feb ‘14), University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

April 2013

Annelyse Gelman won the Mary Barnard Academy of American Poets Contest in spring 2013.
Maggie Balk '13 wins Fulbright.

March 2013

Drinking and Thinking: Reed Psychology Professor Kris Anderson Leads Major Alcohol Study.

January 2013

On Feb 12th and 13th, Professor Helen Neville of the University of Oregon will visit the department as a guest of the Rhodes Fund. Professor Neville studies the development and plasticity of the human brain through studies on deaf and blind individuals, people who learned their first or second spoken or signed language at different ages, and on children of different ages and of different cognitive capabilities. There are various opportunities for students to interact with Professor Neville during her visit. Read more details.

May 2012

National Public Radio correspondent Robert Smith '89 (psychology) delivers 2012 commencement address. Read the transcript or watch the video of his address.

January 2012

On Feb 9th and 10th, Professor John McDonald of Simon Fraser University visited the department as a guest of the Rhodes Fund. Professor McDonald studies the cognitive and neural mechanisms of human perception, selective attention, and multisensory processing using EEG, MEG, and fMRI. There were various opportunities for students to interact with Professor McDonald during his visit. Read more details.

October 2011

Tim Hackenberg, professor of psychology, contributed an essay to an online discussion forum on whether taxes can promote good behavior.

August 2011

Devon Porter '11 was named "co-winner" for the American Psychology-Law Society's annual "best undergraduate paper of the year." The paper presents her thesis data (together with Lex Moss's thesis data, from the previous year), and is now automatically accepted for a poster at March's AP-LS meeting.

Congratulations to our 2011 grant and fellowship winners!

Jennifer Corpus, associate professor of psychology, discusses how children respond to success, praise and failure on OPB's Think Out Loud radio program.

Kristen Anderson, assistant professor of psychology, speaks to the risks of self-medicating anxiety with alcohol or drugs on