International Programs Office

أهلا بك - 欢迎 - Welcome - Bienvenue - Willkommen - Добро пожаловать - Bienvenidos

The International Programs Office (IPO) encourages all Reed College students to engage with Reed’s broader global network to integrate international experiences into their education and expand their understanding of other cultures, perspectives, and educational environments.

Like other important decisions in your academic life at Reed, the decision to study abroad should be approached deliberately. Students interested in overseas study should meet/connect with their faculty adviser and with Alberto del Río Malo, the International Programs Director, to develop a study plan which is academically sound and well-integrated into their Reed education.

Students who attend Reed international programs with plans approved by the Off-Campus Study Programs Committee (OCSC) are guaranteed the following:

  • Participating students retain their status as fully registered and enrolled students at Reed College.
  • All applicable credit earned during study at an approved international program will be transferred and accepted by Reed. 
  • Students on financial aid will be able to apply their aid, adjusted to reflect program costs, to expenses of study abroad programs.

Study Abroad - Start Here!

 If you are considering studying abroad, here is how to make it happen!

1. Make an 8-semester plan and meet with your academic adviser

Think about whether you want to take classes abroad towards your major and/or your group requirements. Review your proposed 8-semester plan(s) and discuss scheduling opportunities for study abroad. You do not need to decide where to go yet! But you may also want to discuss, with your adviser, programs relevant to your major/language study.

2. Investigate programs and meet with the Director of International Programs

Based on your academic and personal goals, you can begin to investigate options by perusing the Reed-approved programs' database for inspiration. Once you have some idea of what sort of program(s) you are interested in, fill out the International Programs Office Application Form and meet with Alberto (Eliot 422). He can help you hone your choices and navigate all of the logistics of studying abroad.

3. Complete all required applications

Be sure to complete and return all of these forms to their appropriate destinations, and ensure that the IPO has a copy of each original on file to secure your spot in an off-campus program.