International Programs

Application Instructions and Documents

Be sure to complete and return all of these forms to their appropriate destinations, and ensure that Paul has a copy of each original on file, to secure your spot in an off-campus program.

1) Program-Specific Application -- Your program will require submission of its own forms and documents. See Paul for details/to obtain forms.

  • Application packet with personal information (and essay, if necessary): Return to Paul DeYoung by the posted deadline.
  • Letter(s) of reference: Place in Paul DeYoung’s Eliot mailbox or send through campus mail to Paul DeYoung.
  • Transcript release form from the Office of the Registrar: Include on that form the words “study abroad” and "Paul DeYoung" to ensure that the Registrar will deliver your transcript to the International Programs Office and that you will not be charged.

2) Reed Application -- Every Reed student who wishes to study abroad must complete these components as a supplement to the Program-Specific Application.

  • A brief explanation of how your off-campus study fits into your Reed education: Enclose with the Reed Application.
  • Off-Campus Study Course Approval form: Enter the courses in which you intend to enroll during your off-campus program. Return the completed form, signed by your advisor and the departmental chairs (see below), to Paul DeYoung and he will coordinate further with the Registrar.
    • Discuss your course list with your advisor and request approval of the plan with your advisor’s signature.
    • Take the course list to appropriate departmental chairs for approval signatures for courses you wish to use to fulfill specific degree requirements (group, department, division, etc.). Courses not fulfilling specific requirements will be reviewed and approved by the Off-Campus Studies Chair after you have submitted the form.
  • Off-Campus Study Program Agreement: Simply sign and date the bottom and return it to Paul DeYoung with your application.
  • Health Needs Assessment: Bring this form to the Health & Counseling Center and they will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the many issues involved in going abroad. This is a way for you to be prepared for the issues you will face abroad that may impact your psychological and physical well-being. This is not part of the evaluation of your application and all information is kept confidential. The form will be kept on file at the HCC.

Study Abroad Application - PDF

Instructions for Study Abroad Application - PDF or Word (.doc)
Health Needs Assessment - PDF or Word (.doc)