Diversity at Reed

Committees on Diversity

The Committees on Diversity consists of a broad range of faculty members and staff who work in collaboration to support and promote intellectual, cultural, and social pluralism at Reed. As an advisory group, we are responsible for monitoring the programs and policies adopted by the college in pursuing its commitment to diversity. We also present recommendations to the faculty, its elected committees, and the administrative units of the college with the intention of facilitating and guaranteeing the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students from under-represented ethnic and racial groups. With a goal of providing institutional cohesion and consistency regarding diversity and inclusion initiatives, we foster communication among the faculty, faculty committees, and the offices of admission and student life. We work closely with our newly formed counterpart in the student body to further promote shared values of mutual understanding and collaboration around intellectual pluralism, diversity, and inclusion.

2021/2022 Members


Ariadna García-Bryce (Chair), Professor of Spanish and Humanities
Mir Bowring, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Shohei Kobayashi,
Assistant Professor of Music
Radhika Natarajan
, Assistant Professor of History and Humanities
Kritish Rajbhandari, Assitant Professor of English & Humanities
Mary James, Dean for Institutional Diversity
Milyon Trulove, Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid


Ann Matsushima Chiu, Social Sciences Librarian
Dev Devvrat
, Senior Assistant Dean of Admission
Doris Hall, Office Manager, Facilities
Mary James, Dean for Institutional Diversity
D Seright, Case Manager, Health and Counseling Center
Hayden Todd, 
Career and Fellowship Advisor
Michelle Valintis, Director of Human Resources

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Aditya Gadkhari '22
Apoorva Mangipudi '21
Alondra Loza '23
Aziz Ouedraogo '21
Beq Yonaka '23
Monique Queen '22