Disability & Accessibility Resources

Division of Student Life

Information for Incoming Students

Disability & Accessibility Resources (DAR) works with students who have medical, mental health, or other disability conditions and who are seeking accommodations for academics, housing, or PE. We look forward to working with you! 

Important Dates

Incoming students may submit their forms starting on April 30. Students are encouraged to keep these deadlines in mind:

June 1: Housing Accommodations
Deadline to register with DAR for students seeking disability housing accommodations
July 15: Academic and PE Accommodations
Recommended deadline to register with DAR for students seeking academic or PE accommodations for the fall semester 

How do I request accommodations at Reed?

Starting the accommodation process only takes two steps! Here's how to get started:

  1. Fill out an accommodation request form. We have one form for academic accommodation requests, and a separate one for housing accommodation requests. Students seeking both academic and housing accommodations will need to complete both forms. 
  2. Submit your medical or mental health documentation to DAR. You can upload your disability documentation along with your accommodation request form, or you can send it to us via email (dar@reed.edu) or fax (503-517-5532). NOTE: Please do NOT submit your documentation to DAR unless you have already filled out an accommodation request form.

You will be able to access the forms once your Reed computer account is set up.

Want more details about what happens next in the accommodation process? You can find them on the Student Accommodations Process page.

Do I need to schedule an appointment with a DAR staff member?

For housing accommodations, we are able to process most requests without a meeting. Once you fill out your housing accommodation request form, we will email you if a meeting is needed. 

For academic or PE accommodation requests, you will need to attend an intake meeting with DAR staff before you can begin using your accommodations. We recommend scheduling your intake meeting to take place during the summer, prior to arriving on campus.

What if I missed the deadline?

The short answer is, we encourage you to start the accommodation process anyway! The longer answer is...

Housing accommodations: If the deadline for housing accommodations has passed, please submit your accommodation request form disability documentation to us as soon as possible. We will review your request and consider what options may still be available, within the remaining housing vacancies at that time. Housing accommodations are particularly time-sensitive, as housing inventory becomes limited once Residence Life issues room assignments to incoming students.

Academic accommodations: For academic or PE accommodations, students may submit their accommodation request form at any time of year, though we recommend doing so by July 15th for students who would like to have their accommodations in place by the start of the fall semester. 

I have other questions. How do I get in touch?

Email is a great way to reach us! We're also available to meet via Zoom or in person, by appointment only during the summer months. 

We also invite students and family members to attend one of our summer info sessions! We will provide an overview of the accommodation process and answer general questions about accommodations and resources at Reed.

What about mental health care, tutoring, or other resources?

In addition to disability accommodations, Reed College offers a wide range of supportive resources for all students. Visit Academic Support to learn about workshops, academic coaching, and peer tutoring.

The Health and Counseling Center can provide information about medical and mental health care at Reed, medication management, referrals to off-campus providers, and Reed health insurance coverage.