Disability & Accessibility Resources

Division of Student Life

Accessibility Committee

Accessibility and inclusivity for the Reed community (students, staff, faculty, and visitors) is a campus-wide commitment. The goals of the Accessibility Committee are to raise the visibility of disability-related issues on campus and to explore opportunities to improve accessibility through education, research and information sharing.

2020-2021 Committee Members

Committee members serve as liaisons between their offices/departments and Disability & Accessibility Resources. If you have a question about accessibility or an idea to make campus more inclusive and accessible, please contact a committee member from the relevant area. Members include:


  • Robert Brigham, Conference & Events Planning - As an event manager for the college, I support both Reed community members and the general public in creating an experience at Reed that is memorable, satisfying, safe, and accessible. Our team strives to address accessibility needs across campus as we approach events management and I operate as the main point of contact for our team.
  • Jessika Chi, Institutional Diversity - As the Assistant Dean for Institutional Diversity, I oversee all initiatives, programs, and events for the office for institutional diversity. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive teaching, working, learning, and living environment for all community members at Reed. We work with offices and departments to examine policies and procedures so that we can create more equitable and inclusive practices.
  • Robin Ford, Library - As the Science and Accessibility Librarian, I support members of the Reed community in the sciences, while also collaborating to make Library spaces, resources, and services accessible and inclusive. I am the liaison between the Library and the Accessibility Committee and main contact person for issues specific to the Library. I welcome your comments, feedback, and questions concerning these issues related to the library and campus. 
  • Jess Gibson, Disability & Accessibility Resources - I work one-on-one with students who are requesting disability-related accommodations at Reed. Through an individualized and interactive process we explore possible supports and resources, and determine reasonable and effective accommodations for each student. I also meet with students interested in using assistive technologies, such as dictation and speech software, alternative format texts, and note taking apps.
  • Gary Granger, Community Safety
  • B Hunter, Center for Life Beyond Reed - As the assistant director of the Center for Life Beyond Reed, I advise students and work with employers as my primary duties. As an employee with compromised lungs, I am personally aware of the need for accessibility of physical spaces and for alternative meeting methods. 
  • Theresa Lowrie, Disability & Accessibility Resources - I am the director of Disability & Accessibility Resources at Reed. At DAR we work directly with students, faculty and staff to provide and manage the accommodations process for students at Reed. Through a number of diverse campus initiatives, staff and faculty trainings, and campus partnerships, we work to raise awareness and to address possible barriers across campus in efforts to increase accessibility for all in our community.
  • Julie Maxfield, Student LifeAs chair of the Accessibility Committee and supervisor to Disability & Accessibility Resources, community members can to come to me with questions, concerns, or ideas about accessibility on campus. In addition, if a student believes that the procedures described on the DAR website have not been properly followed or feels that any action has been directed against them because of a disability or perception of a disability, they can meet with me as part of the informal resolution process.
  • Jason Parker, Computing & Information Systems - As the representative from Computing & Information Services, I consult with the committee on accessibility issues ranging from classroom technology and course materials, to website design and third-party software recommendations.
  • April Sams, Environmental Health & Safety - My role on the Accessibility Committee is to provide guidance on how to achieve accessibility compliance, identify safety challenges, and assist in consultations on ways to create a safe and healthy environment for all.  
  • Sarah Sharp, Office of the Registrar - My role on the Accessibility Committee is to collect feedback and information regarding general-use classrooms, and to use that information when making annual budget recommendations for classroom improvements.
  • Megan Simon, Student Engagement
  • Clea Taylor, Residence Life
  • Cypress Williams, Human Resources - As a member of the HR team, I support Reed staff and faculty in a number of ways, including with recruiting, pay, benefits, and training and development. I am the main point of contact in the Human Resources office for staff and faculty who request a short- or long-term work accommodation. 
  • Steve Yeadon, Facilities - My role on the Accessibility Committee is to provide mechanical, structural expertise toward physical solutions to eliminate accessibility barriers as they exist on campus. Once barriers are identified and a solution is agreed upon, the Facilities department will assist in funding and implementing these corrective changes.


  • Michael Foat


  • Beq Yonaka, Student Body Senate - As the Senate liaison to the Accessibility Committee, I gather student feedback regarding academic accommodations and general college accessibility and serve as the intermediary between the committee and the general student population.