Disability & Accessibility Resources

Division of Student Life

Meet the Team!

Josiane QuittaJosiane Quitta

Accommodations Coordinator

Josiane has lived in every timezone in the United States - except Hawaii (though she has visited). While she does love to travel, she became a rolling stone by accident. She just always seemed to be following an education or a job or a friend or a hunch to all the corners of the country. Eventually she wandered to the Pacific Northwest and planted roots.

Josiane has worked at Reed College for close to five years. She is an avid reader of fiction and history, who writes on the weekend and after work hours. She spends all other free time watching too much TV and playing “kitchen catch” with her dog.

Maddie WilsonMaddie Willon

Assistant Director

Maddie is a born and raised Oregonian who grew up in the Portland metro area. She has a background in Communication Disorders, Special Education, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Accessibility and equity are two strongly held values that have informed her career path and ultimately led to her position here at Reed. She deeply enjoys connecting with students throughout DAR's accommodations process to ensure they receive meaningful academic support. 

When Maddie's not at work, you can find her exploring new hiking trails, perusing local stationary stores for her next favorite pen, and catching her favorite bands in concert with her partner, Jack. She's currently on the hunt for the best sandwich shop in Portland (and always accepting recommendations). You may spot her on campus walking her beloved chihuahua-mix, Mei, who is always looking for pets. 

Jess GibsonJess Gibson

Director of Disability & Accessibility Resources

Jess arrived in Portland over 12 years ago and began her career as a social worker. She later found her way to higher education and disability services. Working at DAR feels like her professional home, allowing her to bring together her passions for social justice and education. One of her goals is to nurture a shared appreciation of disability as a valued aspect of human diversity.

Jess is Chilean-American, and spent a good part of her childhood in Chile. She loves a good chilean completo--a hot dog topped with tomato, avocado, mayo, and chilean mustard! In her free time she sings in a small choir, plays the guitar poorly, and tries her best to keep up with her exuberant toddler, who is currently in a Wonder Woman phase.