The Office of Academic Support

Division of Student Life


Drop-In Tutoring and Individual Tutoring

Individual and Drop-in tutoring will resume in the Spring semester. Please check back here at the beginning of the Spring semester for any tutoring updates. 

During the academic year, Reed provides each student with up to one hour of free individual tutoring per subject per week for many classes. In addition, drop-in tutoring for writing, languages, and many introductory courses in mathematics and the social and natural sciences courses is available. Writing tutor support for the senior thesis is also available. Visit our peer tutoring resource page for more information.

In addition to individual tutoring for academic content, students can also meet with Academic Skills tutors to talk about challenges they are having regarding time management, organization and procrastination. Academic Skills tutors can support students with strategies to help them address these obstacles and help students move toward academic success. 

Academic Coaching

Staff members are available to discuss study skills, quantitative skills, learning styles, time management, test anxiety, procrastination, and academic stress. To learn more, visit our academic coaching page.


Would you like a refresher on how to use logarithms or exponents? Want to hear time management tips from your peers, and offer some ideas of your own? Looking for inside information on how to prioritize your reading? Share your ideas and learn from others at workshops scheduled throughout the year.

Online Resources

In addition to the in-person resources detailed above, we have a variety of digital resources, including handouts from our workshops and links to tutorials, videos, and software found on the web.

Questions or concerns about any of our services? Email

A Note About ChatGPT and AI Writing Tools

The use of powerful AI writing tools is on the rise. While very helpful in many contexts, ChatGPT and other AI writing tools are not ever meant to be a substitute for demonstrating a student's understanding and skills. Representing AI-generated work as one's own is not acceptable in college.

If you have more nuanced questions about acceptable use of AI tools in your courses, please consult your syllabi and faculty for their policies. (Note: policies may differ from course to course.) For more information about ChatGPT and AI writing tools, check out this resource created by Reed's Library team!