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Physical Education Accommodations

Getting started

A physical education requirement is integrated into the Reed curriculum. To request disability-related PE accommodations, please refer to our Accommodations Process. Through an individualized and interactive process, we will explore: the functional impact of your disability, any specific accessibility needs, PE course options, and possible accommodations to assist you in meeting the PE requirement.

Notification and implementation

For in-class accommodations: For students who are determined eligible for in-class accommodations or modifications, the student will use the DAR student portal to request accommodations for their current or upcoming PE courses. A notification letter will then be sent to the course instructor, listing the student's approved accommodations and in-class modifications. Students are encouraged to meet with their instructor(s) at the beginning of the quarter to discuss course expectations and the implementation of approved accommodations.

For modifications to the PE curriculum: If determined eligible for PE accommodations, the student will work with DAR, in consultation with the Director of Athletics, Fitness, and Outdoor Programs, to develop an individualized plan for completion of the PE graduation requirement. A written agreement will be created and signed by the student, the Director of DAR, and the Director of Athletics, Fitness, and Outdoor Programs, to ensure clarity of program expectations. 

Planning ahead

Due to the short duration of PE courses (one quarter), we encourage students requesting PE accommodations to meet with DAR well in advance of the start of the course to allow adequate time for the accommodations process. Students with disabilities are also welcome to meet with DAR staff early in their tenure at Reed to develop a plan for meeting the PE requirement prior to graduation.