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Every year the Chinese House hosts a number of cultural events: film screenings, conversation tables, calligraphy sessions, dinners, tea tastings, poetry readings and performances. These informal gatherings provide unique opportunities for students to meet, and put their Chinese skills to use while they enjoy art and food. Of course, the resident Language Scholar is always on hand for advice and support.

The Chinese House's events 

    • Chinese Conversation Table - Looking for a no-pressure environment to practice your Chinese? Join us for Chinese Conversation Table! Come and go as your please, chat with whomever you want - it's all good. People of all levels of language ability are welcome, as are all members of the Reed community. Bring your lunch along!
    • Chinese Conversation Hour - Every two weeks in the Chinese House is Chinese Conversation Hour, which is hosted by our language scholar. Each session centres around a topic related to Chinese culture, language or history. Come by for snacks and some Chinese chit-chat!
    • Chinese Cultural Event - Every Sunday we host our weekly cultural event. These vary each week in activity and duration, so join the Chinese House Events mailing list for details. Past events include Movie Nights, Cooking Nights and Karaoke. Join us for some cultural fun!

If you are interested in being added to the Chinese House Events email list, please contact the Chinese House Advisor, Alisa Chen, at

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