Conference & Events Planning

Plan an Event at Reed College 

There are many important and sometimes forgotten elements involved in planning events. Follow these four important steps and you will be off to a great start to hosting a successful event at Reed College.

Step 1: PLAN AHEAD. Plan ahead and make sure you have enough time to implement your event. Every event, no matter how simple or intricate requires advance planning and organization.


Step 3: GET APPROVALS FOR FACILITY USE. Before you commit to holding an event at Reed, complete the proper form for necessary approvals. 

Step 4: CREATE AN EVENT MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST. Download our sample event management checklist. Customize tasks and timelines for your specific event.

Step 5: EXECUTE. Once you have necessary approvals to host your event at Reed College, proceed with your event execution by following your event management checklist.

Important event planning information   

Audio/Visual Services
Campus Services and Amenities
Dining and CateringBon Appetit
Event Management System (EMS)
Campus Rental Request: For All External Rental Requests
Facility Use Priorities
Campus Rental Rates
Facility Use Restrictions and Requirements
Portland Attractions
Public Affairs
Reserve a Room: For Faculty, Student, and Staff Simple Room Reservations 
Risk Management Requirements 

QUESTIONS? Conference & Events Planning is here to help.