1998 Senior Thesis Titles

(CLASS OF 1998: If your thesis abstract is not currently included on this page and you would like it to be, please follow this link.)

  • Central Nervous System Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition from Coexposure to Pyridostigmine and Blood-Brain Barrier-Weakening Stress by Andrew Bacelis - Abstract
  • The mechanism of axis specification in the marine worm Urechis caupo and phylogenetic implications by Meredith Calvert - Abstract
  • An Investigation of the Signal Transduction Pathways Responsible for Differential Exocytosis in the Bag Cells of Aplysia by Adam Douglass - Abstract
  • Growth factor response in feline oviductal stromal cells by Lucy Goodwin - Abstract
    *[supported by a grant from the HHMI Undergraduate Research Program]
  • The Effects of Maternal Eating Disorders on Fetal Development: The Little Fetus that Couldn't by Deanna Grant - Abstract
  • Evidence for TNF-alpha mediated apoptosis in Xenopus laevis. by Mark W. Jarvis - Abstract
  • A Metapopulation Model of a Multi-Species Marine Fisheries Reserve by Pima N. Kitaeff - Abstract
  • Yeast Virus Replication: Initiation of the Life Cycle using a Yeast Cytoplasmic Transcription System that is not Dependent on Homologous Recombination by Andre Limnander de Nieuwenhove - Abstract
  • Shortcomings of Current Crop Pollination Strategies: Lessons From Natural Pollination Systems by Margaret M. Mayfield - Abstract
  • Behavioral Responses of Callianassa californiensis and Upogebia pugettensis (Decapoda: Crustacea) to anoxic stress by Rigel D. Pearce - Abstract
  • Synthesis of 5-iodonorvaline from N-carboxybenzyl-glutamic acid-1-benzyl ester: A Novel Compound for Phasing in the X-ray Crystallographic Analysis of Proteins by Michael Quon - Abstract
  • Seasonal and Spatial Variation in Oxidative Stress in an Old Growth Pseudotsuga menziesii Canopy by Ellen F. Roberts - Abstract
  • Microsatellite-Based Estimates of Individual Inbreeding and Relatedness for a Population of the Wildflower, Mimulus guttatus by Andrea Sweigert - Abstract
  • Tailoring New DNA-Binding Specificities in the Escherichia coli Purine Repressor Through A Mutation at Histidine 20 by Danielle K. Vincent - Abstract