Neuroscience Students Produce Podcasts

Posted January 13, 2023

In Neuro 333: Systems Neuroscience, the students spent time reading primary research articles and thinking about how to communicate and explain the science in these papers to the general public. For their final project, students created a podcast explaining the neuroscience concepts behind the findings of a recent neuroscience research article of their choice.

Click below to listen to their podcasts:

Learn about treatments and prevention of rabies from Zaida Vinaimont and Kelin Wulf

Learn about the conneciton between epilepsy and binge eating disorder from Liraz Brand and Suhas Sakamuri

Learn about a potential way to heal brain damage from Lucas Binder, Kaya Green and Alex Ferfas

Learn about scientific fraud in Alzheimer's research by Angelica Nicolacoudis and Margo Schweitzer

Learn about pheremones from Susan Xu and Miles McCall

Learn about how mutations can negatively affect neuron cell growth by Sara Helmstetter and Asia Guzman

Learn about a protective mechanism against schizophrenia from Surabhi Kannappan and Zemirah Kamanya



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