Application Process:
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

There are many sources of funding available to provide summer research opportunities to Reed students in Biology. Before beginning this application process, students should speak with an advisor to determine to which opportunity they should apply. We have adopted a streamlined single application process that accommodates these various sources of funding. Because the projects funded by the different available opportunities can vary in the degree to which they require student-driven vs. faculty-driven research, we encourage students to contact potential advisors early. All proposals require an on-campus advisor even if the funds are to be applied to an off campus opportunity. A single application can be submitted for consideration for multiple fellowship opportunities if appropriate (in cases where page length or requirements differ, please adhere to the longer limit and include all required components listed).

After discussing potential projects with an advisor and reading suggested background material, students will prepare the research proposal. A draft of the proposal should be approved by your advisor at least one week in advance of the final deadline.

Though page limits vary, all proposals will include:

Submit to Kristy Gonyer digitally, (

  • Signed Coversheet and Checklist (download the form)
  • Research Proposal (see page limits for specific fellowships)
    1. Introduction & Background including hypothesis or project goal(s)
    2. Methods (variable detail depending on the specific fellowship)
    3. Potential scientific impact
    4. References (use a consistent format)
  • Description of qualifications, past experience, or relevant course work
  • If your project involves travel, you must submit a Covid-19 protocol on how you will conduct your project safely. Funding cannot be released until your Covid-19 plan has been approved by the Dean of Faculty. 

Proposals lacking a cover sheet, or that do not adhere to the page limits and all requirements will be returned without review. Submit a paper copy of your cover sheet and an electronic copy of the proposal to the SURF Administrator, Kristy Gonyer, by the deadline noon, Wed, March 31, 2021.

Typical awards for all Biology Department administered Fellowships will include a $5600 summer stipend and up to $1500 for supplies or equipment. In some cases, special alternate arrangements may be made in consultation with a faculty member.

Participation in the end of summer poster session is expected upon receipt of any award.