Anthropology Department

Funding Opportunities for Anthropology Students

Department Funding

The Department of Anthropology manages its Harper-Ellis endowment fund to support anthropology students and majors by offering a variety of opportunities to complement and enrich their studies in anthropology with travel, internships, and research projects relevant to their coursework. See the links below for information on eligibility and application guidelines:

Field Schools

The department maintains a list of summer ethnographic field schools. These programs may be supported by departmental and College-wide funding opportunities.

College-wide Funding Opportunities

As you plan for your winter and summer breaks, or prep for your course or senior thesis research, don't forget to check out the many opportunities for funding your plans, whether it is for independent research, research assistantships, or career-related internships and externships. These college-wide opportunities are organized and supported by the Fellowships and Awards Committee as well as the Center for Life Beyond Reed. Their websites provide a wide range of information and resources to help you plan.

Requesting Recommendation Letters

Funding opportunities and graduate school plans entail requesting letters of recommendation from your very busy professors and employers. Getting the etiquette right is crucial for you to cultivate good relations with your recommenders and to help them write compelling and accurate letters.