Anthropology Department


Betsey Brada

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Medical anthropology, anthropology of global health and humanitarianism, science studies and expertise, anthropology of the body, pedagogy and ritual, HIV/AIDS, Africa.

Robert Brightman (Emeritus)

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Social/cultural theory, semiotics and structuralism, sociolinguistics, environmental anthropology, hunter-gatherer societies, functional syntax and language typology, Native North America.

Alejandra Roche Recinos


Archaeology, economic anthropology, political economy, lithic studies, exchange and value, Indigeneity, archaeology of Mesoamerica, Guatemala, Mexico.

Charlene E. Makley (Chair)

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Development, globalization, anthropology of capitalism, exchange and value, sex/gender/sexuality and intersectionality, ethnicity, nationalism, religion and ritual, feminist theory, linguistic anthropology, media studies, China, Tibet, East Asia.

Paul A. Silverstein

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Race and ethnicity, colonialism and postcoloniality, migration, urbanity, social class, sport, practice theory, historical anthropology, France, North Africa, Middle East. On sabbatical 2022–23.

LaShandra P. Sullivan

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Social movements, environmental studies, race and ethnic studies, gender and sexuality, religion, Brazil, Latin America.

Anand Vaidya

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Environmental politics, law, social movements, land and property, political economy, collective action, caste, indigeneity, India, South Asia.