Anthropology Department


Betsey Brada

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Medical anthropology, anthropology of global health and humanitarianism, science studies and expertise, anthropology of the body, pedagogy and ritual, HIV/AIDS, Africa.

Robert Brightman (Emeritus)

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Social/cultural theory, semiotics and structuralism, sociolinguistics, environmental anthropology, hunter-gatherer societies, functional syntax and language typology, Native North America.

Alejandra Roche Recinos

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Archaeology, economic anthropology, political economy, lithic studies, exchange and value, Indigeneity, archaeology of Mesoamerica, Guatemala, Mexico.

Charlene E. Makley

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Development, globalization, anthropology of capitalism, exchange and value, sex/gender/sexuality and intersectionality, ethnicity, nationalism, religion and ritual, feminist theory, linguistic anthropology, media studies, China, Tibet, East Asia. On sabbatical for 2021-22.

Paul A. Silverstein (Chair)

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Race and ethnicity, colonialism and postcoloniality, migration, urbanity, social class, sport, practice theory, historical anthropology, France, North Africa, Middle East.

LaShandra P. Sullivan

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Social movements, environmental studies, race and ethnic studies, gender and sexuality, religion, Brazil, Latin America. On sabbatical for 2021-22.

Anand Vaidya

Environmental politics, law, social movements, land and property, political economy, collective action, caste, indigeneity, India, South Asia.