Anthropology Department

Anthropology Student Fund Reports

Funded by the the Department of Anthropology's Harper-Ellis endowment, the Student Fund is meant to enhance opportunities for anthropology majors to extend their studies by providing modest support for anthropology-related travel, internships, or research expenses.

Past Awardees

Date Name Title
Fall 2022 Khalil Laltoo

The Lives and Practices of Indigenous Corn Farmers in Chiapas, Mexico

Winter 2022 Sofie Larsen-Teskey Salmon Scam: the Fish Wars and Indigenous Sovereignty
Summer 2021 Kilala Hall Hawaii Department of Human Services Internship
Winter 2019 Hala Baba Syrian Refugees in Australia
Fall 2019 Paul Molamphy Decoding Signs of the 'Witch' in Salem
Summer 2019 Ruairi O'Mahony Social Construction and Maintenance of a Walled Belfast
Summer 2019
Summer 2019 Cheryl Fok Bioarchaeology and Human
Osteology Summer School
Winter 2018 Eric Mount Contested Waterscapes in the Ñuble River
Winter 2018 Abigail George "Us Women have More Values": Explorations in Essentialism, Politics and Gender in Sumpango
Winter 2018 Karen Freda Kamiyama's "Creative Depopulation": Repopulation Initiatives in Rural Japan