Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Student Profiles

Gwendolyn Rector Herrin

Wendy Herrin

Life beyond Reed

As a high school English teacher, Wendy spends most of her time with teenagers discussing the written word, debating the merits of literary movements like Romanticism and Realism, and comparing world mythology to Star Wars. In her free time, she and her husband enjoy witnessing epic heroic battles, as they support their teenage daughter and the Portland Timbers/Thorns on the soccer pitch. Wendy graduated from the program in May 2015. She wrote her thesis on the struggles and unequal pay of the female footballer.

Academic interests

Wendy says she is especially interested in learning everything about everything. While she has a degree in Communications, and minors in English and Journalism, at Reed she has especially enjoyed studying ancient Greek and Roman slavery, viewing sports through the lens of anthropology, exploring the trees of the Pacific Northwest in a forestry class, and furthering her skills in creative writing courses. 


“Reed is the perfect place to widen your world view and soak up knowledge. The professors are incredibly knowledgeable and I have benefitted greatly from class discussions with other MALS students, who come from diverse backgrounds and specialties. Reed transported me out of my day-to-day stressful commitments and the intellectual stimulation was exhilarating.”