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Maggie Grove

Maggie Grove

Life beyond Reed

Soon after graduating in 2018, Maggie found her dream job teaching Latin to middle and high school students. She enjoys playing cello, singing, riding horses, sewing, and knitting. She lives with her husband, who is also a Reed graduate, and their cat, who is not.

Academic interests

Maggie received a BA in Classics-Religion from Reed in 2009. Her primary focus is the study of Ancient Greek language and literature, and she is particularly fascinated by epic poetry. She adores the Iliad, and is perhaps one of the few people in existence who thinks Paris isn’t such a bad guy. She is also interested in medieval and renaissance history and anthropology. Her thesis investigated the characterization of Jason in Apollonius' Argonautica within the similes in the epic.


“Though certainly filled with challenges both academic and personal, I wouldn’t trade my Reed undergraduate experience for anything. Studying the liberal arts at Reed profoundly influenced the way I think and view the world. I had been toying with the idea of going back to school, and chose to audit upper-level Greek at Reed upon returning to Portland after a few years in California. The experience reminded me of all the things that were so valuable to me about my education at Reed, and I realized there was nowhere I would rather go to continue my pursuit of knowledge. I find that the Reed MALS program offers me many of the same opportunities as an undergraduate—an interdisciplinary approach, intimate class setting, and a rigorous education at the hands of brilliant professors—but I also have the opportunity to work with adult students who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, each bringing a unique perspective and experience to the table. And there’s definitely something to be said for having the Reed experience a bit later in life when you’re not also trying to cope with the general drama of being 20 years old!"