Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

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Jennifer Reece

Jennifer Reece

Life beyond Reed

Jennifer has worked in the high-tech industry for over 20 years, currently as an Environmental Sustainability Program Manager. She enjoys running, soccer, backpacking, and listening to live music. Most of her free time is centered on her children, going for hikes or riding bikes. Travel is also a passion, with many business trips to Asia and recent trips to Europe and India. Jennifer graduated from the MALS program in May 2016. Her thesis investigated how smelter pollution and environmental health a century ago in Butte Montana reflected the narrative of American progress.

Academic interests

Jennifer’s background is in science and technology, with a BS in physics and an ongoing interest in furthering her knowledge in those areas. Before beginning the Reed program, she wrote literary fiction and through that pursuit, discovered an interest in the study of past human societies and the factors (economic, political, religious, social, etc.) that drive people’s actions.


“My main purpose in participating in the Reed MALS program was to be stimulated intellectually and to expand my interdisciplinary knowledge by learning how to analyze the literary, philosophical, and historical aspects of various works. The program was perfect for honing my writing skills and for developing a wider perspective on people, cultures, and world events. It also helped me to determine what type of career is right for me while I gained the skills to continue a life full of learning.”