Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

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Brad Eamon

Brad Eamon

Life beyond Reed

Brad is the CEO of a Portland based imaging technology company that he founded in 2000. He stepped back from day-to-day management of the company to attend Reed. Married with two grown children, Brad splits his time between Portland and New York City. He graduated from the MALS program in May 2016. Brad's thesis examined the divided political allegiances of the Mohawk Valley, NY German community during the revolutionary war.

Academic interests

Brad describes himself as an eclectic, lifelong reader who keenly enjoys critically thinking and writing about what he reads. His academic interests include literature, history, urban studies and anthropology.


“After a thirty-year business career that began in a large corporation and then transitioned into entrepreneurial endeavors, there was unfinished business in my life. The Reed Master of Liberal Studies Program provided me with a structured and challenging environment to further explore my intellectual interests. I recommend the Reed MALS program to anyone who considers personal growth through the pursuit of knowledge an important part of life.”