For Parents of Prospective Students

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What if we can't visit Reed?

If your student would like an admission interview, admission staff members offer interviews in all major cities to which they travel in the fall and early winter. Another option is to request an interview with an admission alumni representative in your home area.

What if my son or daughter is interested in professions such as engineering, computer science, or business?

reed graduates In addition to its 22 "regular" majors, Reed College has made arrangements with several cooperating institutions to offer dual degree programs. These programs (also called 3-2 programs because students typically spend the first three years studying at Reed and the last two at the partner institution) allow students to graduate, in the space of five years, with degrees from both institutions. Information about these programs is available at

Dual degree programs are offered in computer science with the University of Washington; engineering with the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or the California Institute of Technology; forestry-environmental sciences with Duke University; and visual arts with the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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