For Parents of Prospective Students

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How safe is Reed?

reed libraryReed is situated in Portland's Eastmoreland neighborhood, a safe, attractive, tree-lined residential area. Reed's community safety officers patrol campus and the campus perimeter 24 hours a day. When rare incidents occur that may threaten students' safety, either on Reed's campus or within a two-mile radius of Reed, the community safety staff handles the situation and later sends an email to all students alerting them and encouraging them to practice vigilance. The small student body at Reed makes it easy for students to know each other well, so strangers on campus are generally very conspicuous and often reported immediately by students to the community safety office. Dorms are accessible only to residents of that dorm, and the "One Card" is used to access campus buildings. If a student feels unsafe walking at night, community safety officers will provide an escort. Also, the college provides a night bus to drive students to locations off campus between the hours of midnight and 2:30 a.m. That being said, it is not unusual for students to walk or ride their bikes late at night to their dorms or off-campus housing and feel safe doing so.

Are there any programs for parents?

One current Reed parent, informed that we were developing a publication for parents of prospective students, joked, "Let me add that you should deal with parent envy-I wish my undergraduate years had been at Reed."

reed campusJoking aside, Reed keeps parents in the loop as much as possible, beginning with a parent orientation program each August. Parent orientation runs during the first two days of new student orientation. In addition, each November the campus hosts Parent and Family Weekend. Other events include Alumni College-an annual opportunity for parents and alumni to return to the classroom under the instruction of Reed professors-as well as meetings and receptions in large cities throughout the academic year.

What are the graduate schools most frequently attended by Reed alumni?

For M.D.s: Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Cornell, University of Washington, and Oregon Health and Science University. For Ph.D.s: University of Chicago, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, Cornell, University of Washington, and University of Oregon. For J.D.s: University of Chicago, Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, University of Oregon, Stanford, University of Washington, and Lewis & Clark Law School.

For MBAs: University of Chicago, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Portland State, Stanford, Berkeley, and Georgetown.

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