For Parents of Prospective Students

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What's there to do at Reed and in Portland?

More than 50 student organizations compete for a piece of the student body fee in the funding poll held every semester. Students can start an organization with relative ease. In addition to the activities provided by these organizations, Reed is fortunate to have an endowment that sponsors recreational activities. The Gray Fund, established in 1994, plans weekly activities throughout the school year (including breaks) that give students plenty of opportunities to explore the Pacific Northwest. Recent trips have included white-water rafting, visits to area art museums and galleries, horseback riding, snow camping, and telemark skiing. The Gray Fund also sponsors several on-campus events, including lectures, film festivals, concerts, picnics, and forums.

portland downtown

Three things tend to define Portland: used books, livable neighborhoods, and coffee (although roses and rain are tied for fourth). It is virtually impossible to maneuver through certain parts of town without stumbling over a quaint bookstore and adjacent café. The crown jewel of Portland's book and café scene is Powell's City of Books, the largest independent seller of used and new books in the world, housed in a four-story warehouse on an entire downtown city block. A major city on a human scale, Portland is also home to a burgeoning arts community, dozens of wonderful restaurants, an NBA franchise, and the nation's largest and smallest municipal parks within city limits. The city is easily navigated by an extensive public transportation system that includes buses, light rail, and, downtown, trolleys and streetcars. From campus, you can reach downtown in 20 minutes by bus.

The Pacific Northwest provides a great wealth of recreational opportunities within a short drive of Portland, including the Columbia River Gorge, the Willamette Valley, the Pacific Ocean, the Coast Range, and the Cascade Range. Mount Hood, elevation 11,235 feet, towers over the city from the east, and the college owns a ski cabin at its base.

Can my child study abroad or at other colleges in the U.S.?

Reed has a number of exchange programs for students interested in off-campus study, both foreign and domestic. Students who are interested in these programs are encouraged to meet with their faculty adviser and the off-campus program director to develop a study plan. Students in good academic standing who are approved by the faculty for participation in these programs are able to use their financial aid and are registered as regular students at the college.

In addition to the formal programs, Reed students are able to participate in a variety of other study programs sponsored either by a foreign university or an American college. The domestic exchange programs are in cooperation with Sarah Lawrence College, Howard University, and SEA Semester. Although students participating in such programs are required to take a leave of absence from the college and are not able to use Reed financial aid, they can, with careful planning, be assured of having coursework apply toward Reed academic requirements. For more information about Reed's exchange programs, see Reed's catalog or visitour international programs homepage.

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