For Parents of Prospective Students

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Where is Reed ranked among educational institutions?

Reed made the bold decision in 1995 to refuse to participate in the U.S. News and World Report annual survey, which forms the results of their annual ranking of colleges. The Reed community questions the whole notion that a college or a student's college experience can be boiled down to a set of numbers and a ranking.

Consider these statistics:

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  • Reed has produced 31 Rhodes Scholars since 1915, the second highest number from a liberal arts college.
  • Reed also ranks first among all colleges and universities in the United States in the percentage of its graduates who go on to earn a Ph.D. in the life sciences and third overall in all disciplines.
  • Among liberal arts colleges, Reed is second in the nation in the percentage of future Ph.D.s in all disciplines.
  • A disproportionately large number of Reed graduates found or lead organizations or companies; earn medical, law, or business degrees; write books; create notable works of art; or work to make life on the planet better for all.

If you would like to learn more about Reed from a third-party perspective-one that's not based on rankings-try the following books: Cool Colleges: For the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different (Ten Speed Press), Colleges That Change Lives (Penguin USA), and The Hidden Ivies (Cliff Street Books).

What's the Reed community like?

Reed students are defined by a passion for learning and a spirit of independence. Students come to Reed from around the globe, bringing a diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds as well as openness to new experiences. The community is held together by several common threads, namely a classical curriculum (starting with the Humanities 110 sequence), a shared desire for academic integrity and intellectual growth, and a collective interest in free expression and autonomy. While the honor principle advocates self-governance and civility, the student body receives guidance from an elected senate of their peers and a judicial board. The student senate also oversees the formation and maintenance of student organizations, which are free and open to every member of the community.

Reed's intimate size (1,300 students) promotes substantial interaction among the students, faculty, and staff. Faculty and staff members are encouraged to get to know students outside the classroom through activities such as the Gray Fund, Paideia, Renn Fayre, and Reed Arts Week.

Is financial aid available?

Like all of America's best colleges and universities, Reed is expensive. That will not surprise you-but the scope and commitment of Reed's need-based financial aid may. The goal is to make the exceptional quality of a Reed education accessible to students from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Nearly half of Reed's students receive financial assistance from the college. Your son or daughter will be assisted in every way to secure grants, loans, and supplemental employment. In addition, Reed offers a 10-month, interest-free payment plan.

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