Financial Aid

Applying for aid

orchestraApproximately one-half of Reed students receive financial assistance. For the 2004-05 academic year, the average financial aid package-including grants, loans, and work opportunities-was approximately $26,484. Students are notified before winter break that they may pick up application packets for the following academic year. Parents may also call or email the financial aid office and request an application packet. Applications are also available at the Financial Aid website.

Students must reapply for financial aid every year. If a student has demonstrated need, the college guarantees to meet that need as long as the student maintains satisfactory academic progress (six Reed units and a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average each year) and completes a financial aid application by the stated deadlines.

A complete financial aid application includes a processed College Scholarship Services (CSS) Profile, a processed Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), signed copies of student and parent tax returns (including all schedules and W-2 statements), and a verification worksheet. A complete financial aid application must be received by May 1 each year. Any portion of the application materials received after May 1 will result in the student's application being considered late, which usually results in a 10 to 20 percent reduction in the student's Reed grant eligibility for the subsequent year. Students who complete their financial aid application after July 1 will receive no institutional funding (Reed grant) and may receive reduced federal funding for the subsequent year.

Families who experience changes to their financial situation that affect their ability to contribute toward educational expenses may request a reevaluation of their eligibility for assistance. Requests for reevaluation must be in writing and must include a detailed description of the family's current financial situation.

Financial AID deadlines for continuing students

April 1

FAFSA and Profile due

May 1

Parent and student IRS income tax returns, W-2 statements, and verification worksheet due

June 1

Mailing of financial aid awards begins