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What about life after Reed?

Reed ranks first in the nation in the percentage of graduates who receive a Ph.D. in life sciences. Reed ranks third nationally in percentage of alumni who receive Ph.Ds. in all fields. See results of the 2008 alumni survey, including the graduate schools alumni most often cited for law, medicine, business, and other graduate study, top employers of Reed graduates, and the occupational distribution of alumni.

Alumni have won the Pulitzer Prize, been awarded MacArthur "genius" grants, co-founded Apple Computer, been secretary of the U.S. Navy, written screenplays for Paramount, designed economic theory for the World Bank, been conservator of paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and led the American Women's Himalayan Expedition. They have also enjoyed satisfaction and success as prize-winning journalists and poets, ambassadors, congressmen, mayors, technology entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, university presidents, research scientists, corporate honchos, award-winning astrophysicists, teachers, physicians, lawyers, musicians, rabbis, painters, and playwrights. The possibilities are unlimited.

What graduate and professional schools most often attract Reed alumni?

  • For M.D.s: Harvard, Stanford, UC San Francisco, Cornell, Washington, and Oregon Health and Science University.
  • For Ph.D.s: Chicago, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Yale, Cornell, Washington, and Oregon.
  • For J.D.s: Chicago, Yale, Harvard, Berkeley, Oregon, Stanford, the University of Washington, and Lewis & Clark .
  • For M.B.A.s: Chicago, Harvard, Penn, Columbia, Portland State, Stanford, Berkeley, and Georgetown.

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