Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

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Neil Ramiller

Neil Ramiller

Life beyond Reed

Neil recently retired as a professor in management at Portland State University’s business school, where he was teaching, conducting research, and doing a bit too much administration for over 15 years. His biggest and most important job, however, is being father to two sons.

Academic interests

In his day job, Neil’s scholarly interests focused on the management of technological innovations in organizations. He developed a line of inquiry into the role played by ideology and institutionalization in management practice. As a MALS student, Neil is pleased to be not nearly so focused—which was one of his reasons for enrolling in the MALS program. Nevertheless, he has found himself drawn especially to courses in history and literature.


“For perhaps obvious reasons, rather narrow, instrumental thinking tends to dominate pretty much everything in my professional world. However, I believe this also characterizes our modern culture more broadly. And that’s a serious problem. In Reed College’s MALS program I have had the opportunity to re-envision scholarship as a practice that engages in a broad range of values and a refreshing diversity of questions. Thanks to conversations in conference classes with truly insightful classmates and incredibly gifted teachers, I’m enjoying what is nothing short of a personal intellectual renaissance.”