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Academic Calendar


  • Deadline to add classes, change sections or reduce unit value in spring classes
  • Four-week comments due


  • Deadline to drop semester classes-withdrawal from a spring class recorded after this date
  • Deadline to withdraw from a year class
  • EIGHT-WEEK GRADES DUE by 5 p.m. **REVISED as of 5/13/13
  • Spring break - residence halls open; limited food service. **REVISED as of 5/13/13
  • Classes resume **REVISED as of 5/13/13

Tweets from Reed

Sallyportal - REED Magazine Blog

  • Philosophy, Star Trek, and the Glass Plate Game
    There were nine of us gathered in the classroom in Vollum. We chatted in hushed tones among coffee cups with brown rims and the winter sunlight filtering in through the blinds. We were alert, we were prepared—although a few late...
  • Life of the Mind (and Legs)
    People often ask me what today’s Reed students are like. A dozen adjectives spring to mind. They are brilliant, creative, curious, passionate, idealistic, committed, intellectual, and iconoclastic. And yet there remains an elusive...
  • Reed Declares New Majors
    The perennial sophomore’s dilemma—What should I major in?—just got harder. In November, the faculty voted to broaden Reed’s curriculum by approving a new major in comparative literature, and two new...

TriMet Arrivals

10 to Foster & 94th Route Info

  1. N/A
  2. N/A

10 to Portland Route Info

  1. N/A
  2. N/A

19 to Mt. Scott & 112th Route Info

  1. 10:38 AM at SE Woodstock & 32nd
  2. 12:35 PM at SE 32nd & Woodstock

19 to Portland and Gateway TC Route Info

  1. 10:08 AM at SE Woodstock & 32nd
  2. N/A
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