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  • Religion major wins Class of ’21 Award
    What is religion, exactly? A sacred book? A belief in an invisible force? A system of morality? A way of life? Religion major Pema McLaughlin ’16 spent many hours wrestling with this question—so simple yet so deep—...
  • The Taste of Reed
    A bevy of Reedie entrepreneurs crowded the stately atrium of the Performing Arts Building on Saturday afternoon for Marketplace, the annual festival held at Reunions where alumni sample classmates' creativity in the culinary,...
  • Fighting for survival, killer whales try co-operation
    In the wine-dark waters of the San Juan Islands, a band of killer whales is fighting for survival. Loss of habitat, human meddling, and intense competition for chinook salmon, its main source of food, have put severe pressure on these creatures....

TriMet Arrivals

10 to Foster & 94th Route Info

  1. 6:21 AM at SE Steele & 30th
  2. N/A

10 to Portland Route Info

  1. 5:43 AM at SE Steele & 30th
  2. N/A

19 to Mt. Scott & 112th Route Info

  1. 5:54 AM at SE 32nd & Woodstock
  2. 6:14 AM at SE Woodstock & 32nd

19 to Portland and Gateway TC Route Info

  1. 4:59 AM at SE Woodstock & 32nd
  2. N/A

75 to St. Johns Route Info

  1. 4:58 AM at SE Cesar Chavez Blvd & Knight
  2. N/A

75 to Milwaukie Route Info

  1. 5:47 AM at SE Cesar Chavez Blvd & Knight
  2. N/A
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