All Biology Department Seminars are free and open to the public. Seminars take place Fridays at 4:10 PM in B-19 in the basement of the Biology Building on the Reed College Campus (unless otherwise noted on the schedule). Seminars are immediately preceded by a service of coffee, tea, and other refreshments.

The Reed College campus is located in southeast Portland at 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd. (Online maps are available for getting to Reed and for the Campus).

2014-15 Schedule


4:10-5:00 in Biology B-19 (unless otherwise noted).
Directions to Reed.

Sept 5
Location: Chemistry Patio
Summer Research Poster Session
Summer '14 Research Assistants
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Sept 12"The Genomics Jigsaw: Understanding the Evolutionary Dynamics and Consequences of Mutation from the Inside Out"
Sarah Schaack, Biology Department, Reed College
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Sept 19"Transitions to asexuality and polyploidy in 'Daphnia'"
France Dufresne, Visiting Scholar, Département de biologie, Université du Québec à Rimouski
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Sept 26Library and CUS Session/Senior thesis advice
Library/CUS Staff, Reed College
Oct 3"Natural pest control in coffee: a story about complexity and biodiversity"
Heidi Liere, Visiting Scholar, Biology Department, Reed College
Sponsor: Liu Fund
Oct 10"Spatial Hearing in Cluttered Acoustical Environments"
Terry Takahashi, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon
Sponsor: Liu Fund
Oct 17No seminar, Friday before fall break
Oct 24No seminar, fall break
Oct 31"Swamps and Stress: Hypoxia as a driver of phenotypic divergence in African fishes"
Lauren Chapman, Department of Biology, McGill University
Sponsor: Liu Fund
Nov 7
Location: Music Rehearsal Room, Performing Arts Building (PAB 320)
"Life on the wild side: ecological and social environments get under the skin in a wild primate population"
Jeanne Altmann, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
Sponsor: Ellis Fund

Parents Weekend

Nov 14"Developing specialized phytochemical factories as future sources of biofuels, petrochemical substitutes, specialty chemicals, and medicinals"
Norman G. Lewis, Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Nov 21"Two bacterial genomes with the functionality of one: nonadaptive speciation in a symbiont"
John McCutcheon, Division of Biological Sciences, The University of Montana
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Nov 28No seminar, Thanksgiving break
Dec 5No seminar, Fall senior theses due


4:10-5:00 in Biology B-19 (unless otherwise noted).
Directions to Reed.

Jan 30Biology Post-doc Talks
Michael Martin, "From fish to flies: a role for behavior in speciation and immunity" and Morgan Mouchka, "Tentacles and denticles: immune mechanisms in sea anemones and fruit flies", Schlenke Lab, Biology Department, Reed College
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Feb 6"LAVA flow and genomic earthquakes: the gibbon has it all!"
Lucia Carbone, Dept of Behavioral Neuroscience & ONPRC Div of Neuroscience, Oregon Health & Science University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Feb 13"Evolution of bacterial genomes: genes lost, found and reused"
Rahul Raghavan, Biology Department, Portland State University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Feb 20"Novel modes of cellular communication: from specialized ribosomes to signaling filopodia"
Maria Barna, Depts of Developmental Biology & Genetics, Stanford University School of Medicine
Sponsor: Liu Fund
Feb 27"Development and evolutionary diversification of adult pigment pattern in 'Danio' fishes"
David Parichy '91, Dept of Biology, University of Washington
Sponsor: Ellis Fund
Mar 6Visit from CAT rep/Qual Info Session
TBA/Biology faculty
Mar 13"The metabolism of an immune response: How do cells really proliferate?"
Jeff Rathmell, Dept of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology, Duke Molecular Physiology Institute, Duke University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund

Hosted by biology's 2014-15 senior class

Mar 20No seminar, Friday before spring break
Mar 27No seminar, spring break
Apr 3"Duplication, disease and the evolution of the human genome"
Evan Eichler, Dept of Genome Sciences, University of Washington
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Apr 10"Motors, microtubules and axonal growth"
Vladimir I. Gelfand, Dept of Cell & Molecular Biology, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Apr 17"How ubiquitin orchestrates decisions on endosomes"
Robert C. Piper '85, Dept of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics/Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa
Sponsor: Lamfrom Fund
Apr 24S.T.A.R.s (Students Talking About Research)
Biology Department Thesis Students, Reed College

Jossef Osborn (Mellies Lab)
"Whole-transcriptome analysis of the PerC regulon in enteropathogenic 'Escherichia coli'"

Elizabeth Pekarskaya (Medall/Zornik Labs)
"Cyclical feelings: Effects of continuous hormonal contraception on stress behavior and circulating hormones in a mouse model"

Rich Posert (Shampay Lab)
"Structure of the telomerase inhibitory domain of PinX1"

May 1No seminar, Spring senior theses due