Academic Support Services

Division of Student Services

Individual Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is provided by qualified Reed students of advanced standing and is available for most classes. You can meet with your tutor in the DoJo during regular open hours (9 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week when classes are in session) or anywhere else you find convenient. Individual tutoring is limited to one hour per week, per class. View a current list of tutors.

If you have would like to share feedback about your experience with tutoring, check out our Tutor Feedback Form.

Drop-In Tutoring

Dorothy Johansen House: Worth the walk!
The Dorothy Johansen House (the DoJo) is open to students 9 am -11 pm seven days a week when classes are in session and during reading weeks. Tutors are scheduled most afternoons and evenings (see the schedule below) to support writing skills, and some courses in the natural and social sciences. 

Writing Center

The Writing Center is a drop-in tutoring service in the DoJo where tutors are prepared to assist students of all levels at any stage of the writing process with papers in a variety of disciplines, résumés, personal statements, and other writing tasks. The Writing Center is a resource to help students improve technical skills, develop analytical strategies, and integrate both into a clear and cohesive presentation of original ideas. In addition to the hours listed on the DoJo tutor schedule, there are additional tutors available on the Thursday and Friday before each Hum 110 paper is due. View a current tutor schedule.

Supported Courses

The DoJo also houses tutors recommended by faculty to serve as tutors for particular natural and social science courses. Qualified peer tutors are available to assist with homework or problem sets, analysis of lab data, writing lab reports or papers, questions about course material, and clarification of concepts throughout the semester. This semester (Fall 2013), we have scheduled drop-in tutors to support the following courses:

  • Chemistry 101: Molecular Structure and Properties
  • Chemistry 201: Organic Chemistry I
  • Economics 201: Intro to Economic Analysis
  • Economics 311: Survey of Econometric Methods
  • Mathematics 141: Intro to Probability and Statistics (Other math courses are supported in the Math Center.)
  • Physics 101: General Physics I
  • Biology 101: Introductory Biology I (The Bio Center should be your first source for drop-in Biology tutoring, but the DoJo does schedule some students with a faculty recommendation to tutor Biology 101.)

 View a current tutor schedule.

Other Drop-In Locations

Math Center

The Math Center is open on a drop-in basis to help with homework and problem sets, questions about course material, and clarification of concepts throughout the semester. Located in Library 387. View more information and tutor schedule.

Language Lab

The drop-in language tutors provide assistance in writing, speaking, reading, and understanding the languages taught at Reed. They can also help students to use the language-specific computing resources that are available in the language lab. Drop-in tutoring is currently available in Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. View more information and tutor schedule.

Biology Center

The Biology Center offers daily drop-in tutoring in the Biology Labs - B5/7 from 7-9pm Sunday through Thursday. Qualified peer tutors are available to help with problem sets, analysis of lab data, writing lab reports, or questions about course material. View more information and tutor schedule.