Office of the Registrar

Electronic Thesis Submission

Summer thesis extension submission process 

  1. Before the oral exam, and no later than 3pm on August 28, the student submits a PDF of their final and correctly formatted thesis draft to and copies their thesis advisor, asking them to reply-all to confirm the document is acceptable for submission.
  2. Library staff will evaluate the draft and work with the student to make corrections of any required formatting changes.
  3. Once the formatting is acceptable, registrar staff will mark the format check as complete and notify the student and thesis advisor.
  4. Then, the student must distribute a copy (ask the members of the board if they want an electronic or hardcopy thesis document) to each member of the orals board ensuring the readers have at least 48 hours to review the document before the exam.
  5. After incorporating any changes requested by the orals board, the student must complete a final printing/binding check with Angie Beiriger in the library. Students must submit their final thesis through the digital submission portal no later than noon on Monday, September 11. The library thesis submission is a degree requirement! The library will notify the student that the final check has been accepted. Please note: The student will not be able to make changes to the final submission so they should be sure to submit the correct document.


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Office of the Registrar

Last updated June 1, 2023