Office of the Registrar

Electronic Thesis Submission

Instructions for Electronic Submission of Thesis– Spring 2022

  1. The student provides the thesis adviser with their final draft for approval. The thesis adviser approves the document for submission by providing the student a pdf proof of approval document (Reed email is sufficient).
  2. Once the thesis adviser has approved, and no later than 3pm on April 29, the student submits a pdf of the thesis adviser approval -AND- a pdf of the final thesis via the Thesis Submission Form. Please note, there will not be a format check at this stage so make sure the thesis is acceptable for distribution to the members of the orals board.
  3. Once the submission of the thesis is confirmed, registrar staff will notify the student and thesis adviser and mark the submission as complete.
  4. The student will immediately send a copy (electronic or paper) to each member of the orals board, ensuring the readers have at least 48 hours to review the document before the exam.
  5. The library will follow up with students on required format updates to their thesis after it is submitted to the registrar. See the Thesis LibGuide for details on required formatting. 
  6. After the exam, the student must make any edits required by the orals board and formatting updates required by the library. We recommend that you do this immediately.
  7. As soon as possible but no later than noon on Friday, May 13, the student will submit a final pdf through the library's electronic thesis submission portal (link to be provided by the library soon). The library will check that the thesis meets the requirements and notify the student if their submission has been approved or if further changes are required. 

Please note: The library thesis submission is a degree requirement! The library will work with print services and thesis advisers to complete the approval and binding of the bound theses.

Instructions for Requesting an Extension

A student who wishes to request an extension should contact their adviser to see if the option is available. If so, they can request the extension and upload proof of the thesis adviser’s approval through the Thesis Submission Form before 3pm on April 29.

  1. Weekend extension - the thesis is due no later than 3pm on Monday, May 2. Because the orals board must receive the thesis no later than 48 hours before the scheduled oral, taking the weekend extension would require rescheduling any Monday or Tuesday orals.
  2. Summer extension - the thesis is due no later than 3pm on Monday, August 29. Taking the summer extension results in a delay of your graduation date to the fall semester (or later if there are other outstanding requirements). 

**No fees will be charged for thesis extensions this spring. 


We are looking forward to celebrating your accomplishment. We are updating where you can pick up your laurels, so that the distribution is near Eliot Hall. They will be available for pickup outside on the North side of Eliot Hall. There will be two tents set up with many staff members to help.

Hours for laurels distribution during the week of 4/25-4/29 will be: 

Mon: 11am-1pm
Tue: 11am-1pm
Wed: 12pm-2pm 
Thu: 11am-1pm & 3pm-5pm 
Fri: 11am-4pm 

Please maintain appropriate social distancing when picking up your laurels.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Office of the Registrar

Last updated April 22, 2022