Thesis Board 2023

Congratulations, Reed College seniors! Completing the thesis is a capstone of the Reed experience and a tremendous academic accomplishment.

Declan Greenwald - Neuroscience

Thesis: "Money or River": A Bistable Approach to Investigating the Neural Correlates of Lexical Ambiguity

Maximillian Wolf-Valdes - Linguistics

Thesis: Rapid Prosodic Change in Begining Spanish Learners

Iwan Richards - Computer Science

Thesis: Fluid Modeling in Computer Graphics with the Moving Least Squares-Material Point Model

Aaron Joseph Berlau - Theatre

Thesis: “Lean in, Engage, and Maybe Die”: A Critical Analysis of the Haunting World of Horror Theatre

Riley Wilson Ellis - Psychology

Thesis: The Benefits of Extracurricular Involvement in Undergraduate Students from a Self-Determination Theory Perspective

Orion Lee - Physics

Thesis: Lost in Transition: Electron Localization in Transition States of Quantum Hall Systems

Joseph Francis McDonnell-Myers - Political Science

Thesis: Surviving Political Sex Scandals

Daphne Daniel - Biology

Thesis: Big Brain Energy: CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Disruption Reveals a Requirement for the RA Responsive Transcription Factor tshz1a in Dorsal-Ventral Axis Formation

Alex White - Computer Science

Thesis: Making a Simple GPU

Carli Newman - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Full-length 16S rRNA Sequencing Reveals Perturbations to Gut Microbiome Composition in Response to in vitro Treatment with Tamoxifen and 17ꞵ-Estradiol

Charlie Lyu - Religion

Thesis: The Buddhist Householders’ Claim in the 1920s Modern Chinese Religious Space: The Nation-Building Visions in Shanghai Merit Grove Hygienic Vegetarian Restaurant

Bhav Khurana - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: Supervised Machine Learning to Predict Student Proficiency in Oregon Public Schools

William Miller Howes - Computer Science

Thesis: Nintendo Entertainment System Emulation in Rust

Zachary Roth Barbanell - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Optimizing Gadgets for Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Sizheng Song - Literature-Theatre

Thesis: "O fortunate citizens, bear witness": Staging memory and Performing Spectatorship in Antigona Furiosa

Heyuan Zeng - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Exploring Noninterference in Programming Languages: A Study of Simple Dependency Core Calculus and Logical Relations

Zonghan Ethan Yu - Chemistry

Thesis: Spectroscopic Studies of the CuA Assembly Mechanism

Amir Weksler - Classics: Greek and Latin

Thesis: Love’s Coming for your Head! A Translation, Commentary, and Analysis of Pseudo-Theocritus, Idyll 23

Chloe Tian - Economics

Thesis: Venture Capital Investing Since the Covid-19 Shock

Isaac Thurston - History

Thesis: Reformed, not Abolished: The Forced Labor of Native Americans in California

Cooper Walden Sturm - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: Exuviae

Monroe Ame Stephenson - Mathematics

Thesis: Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials of Matroids

Caleb Sciannella - Music

Thesis: Game Sound Practices as a Result of Technological and Commercial Advancement

Maya Saxe - Neuroscience

Thesis: An investigation of Drosophila neural ECM proteoglycans and their association with human homologues related to schizophrenia

Kaleb Bloyd Saum - English

Thesis: The Empire Never Ended: Authenticity, Paranoia, and Religion in Selected Works of Philip K. Dick

Jonah Rohlfing - Chemistry

Thesis: What's That Snell? An Exploration of Diastereoselective Reductions of Chiral Cyclic Ketones by Snelling Salt

Satchel Otis Petty - Linguistics

Thesis: Mixed race identity: An acoustic analysis of individuals with one Japanese and one white parent

Hannah Ochtera - Comparative Literature

Thesis: The Reconciliation of The Marvelous Land of Oz 

Celia Fabiny Garb - Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies: History and Archaeology

Thesis: aDNA: an Unfit Arbiter of the Indo-European Debate

Maya Joray Foster-Wexler - Linguistics

Thesis: Linguistic Erasure Hertz; a post-binary discussion of F0 performance in read speech

Gabriel Fish - Anthropology: Science, Environment, and Technology Studies

Thesis: Thinking With Fire: Burning Landscapes of Knowledge and Power

Sylvan Domst - German

Thesis: The Battle for Political Autonomy: War and National Identity in the Writings of Heinrich von Kleist

Athena di Properzio - Biology

Thesis: Yeah Sex is Cool, but Have You Tried Obligate Parthenogenesis? The Effect of Methyl Farnesoate on Sex-Determining Genes in Daphnia pulex

Victor (Taiyu) Chen - Mathematics

Thesis: The Impact of Schools on Traffic Congestion: A Case Study in California K-12 Public Schools

Timothy Chao - Biology

Thesis: How The Plane of Cell Division Changes Between Wildtype and hdac mutants

Grace Wende Briggs - Anthropology

Thesis: “I Feel Bloated:” A Historical Ethnography of Body Image in the United States

Katie Maxfield - Political Science

Thesis: (How) Is Compensatory Mitigation Working? An Analysis of Environmental Impact Statements for Clean Energy Projects in Washington State

Natalie Van Norman - Religion-Political Science

Thesis: Investigating the Political Implications of Alcoholics Anonymous as a Religio-Communitarian Formation

Eliot J. Tarlov - Computer Science

Thesis: The Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm and its Application to Clustering.

Katha Rajan - Physics

Thesis: Restoring and Updating the Reed Rubidium Magneto-Optical Trap

Sky Peterson - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Pursuing the Bacillus subtilis ZnuABC Complex

Blaze Okonogi-Neth - Mathematics

Thesis: An Introduction to Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms, and the Modularity Theorem

Josephine Kessler - Computer Science

Thesis: Harmonies Bound in Markov Chains

Salim Ingram - Anthropology

Thesis: The Intersubjective World of Guantánamo Bay

Lydia Knox Dombrowski - Environmental Studies: History

Thesis: Archiving the Nation, Region by Region: The Archive of American Folk Song, 1928–1942

Jon deVries - Biology-Philosophy

Thesis: It’s (Not) a Mut Point: The Effects of Mutation on Competitive Ability in Daphnia Makes a Case for the Conservation of Intraspecific Biodiversity

George Crooks - Classics: Greek and Latin

Thesis: Narratives of Roman History in Salvian's De Gubernatione Dei

Jiaxi Cao - Mathematics-Physics

Thesis: Classical Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity: Towards Quantization

Kellen Brosnahan - Mathematics

Thesis: Representation Theory, Schur-Weyl Duality, and the Partition Algebra

Madeleine Brickey - French

Thesis: Examining Sensations in Baudelaire and 19th Century French Poetry: A Sensory Escape from Reality

Charlie Ball - Biology

Thesis: Auditory Preferences in Female Xenopus laevis for Male Advertisement Calls

Ariella Zulch - Neuroscience

Thesis: Effects of Long-Term Levonorgestrel Administration on Anxiety and Hippocampal Neurogenesis in Intact Female Long-Evans Rats

Anika Samantha Nicolas - Economics

Thesis: Looking at Determinants of Health Status Using Machine Learning

Christopher Declan O'Leary - Biology

Thesis: Quantification of Plant Hemoglobin Gene Expression in Glycine Max

Bryant Morrell - Computer Science

Thesis: Towards Analysis of Parallel Caching with Variable Size Items

Conor McCornack - Religion-Political Science

Thesis: No Space Exempt from Justice: Contradictions of Equal Opportunity and Family Autonomy in Rawls' A Theory of Justice and Political Liberalism

alice kirkham - Anthropology

Thesis: The Power of Perspective: How the Egyptian Nation Thwarted Authoritarian Oppression

Nicky Kim - Neuroscience

Thesis: Optogenetic Stimulation of Dopaminergic Neurons in the Ventral Tegmental Area Under Anxiety and Reward Related Paradigms

Ilana Kim - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Simplicial Homology Computation Using Discrete Morse Theory

Yuan Fang - Religion

Thesis: Medicine and Religion in Early China: On the Discourse of Wind

Tanner Chamberlin - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: The Wake

Lucas Carmichael-Tanaka - History

Thesis: A History of Japanese-American Settlement and Resettlement in Oregon

Sarah Avendano - Biology

Thesis: Sexual selection for male advertisement call dominant frequency ratios in Xenopus petersii

Cleo Price Berryman - Economics

Thesis: Is the Federal Reserve contributing to racial wealth inequality? Monetary policy and the racial wealth gap in Minneapolis, MN.

John Mark Poole - Computer Science

Thesis: E-cology: simulating cancer with evolutionary and ecological dynamics

Bruce Wang - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: Flowers Seen Through the Fog

Rajni Louise - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Surfacing

Sean J. ODonnell - Mathematics

Thesis: Primes in Extensions and Expressions via Binary Quadratic Forms

Adrian Mercer-Garber - Psychology

Thesis: Measures of Body Satisfaction in a Gender-Diverse Community

Clarissa Mai Hương Lâm - Environmental Studies: Economics

Thesis: Following the Flood: A Case Study Comparison of Municipal Flood Risk & Insurance Communication Practices

Brianna Celine Knapp - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: Green and Full of Everything

Safiya Olivia Inell Easthausen - Biology

Thesis: Exploration of Mutation By Looking At the Daphnia magna Ionome

Lauren Cleveland - Physics

Thesis: Implementing a Dichroic Atomic Vapor Lock for the Reed Magneto-Optical Trap Repump Laser

Stockten Lucas Blanco - Biology

Thesis: Surviving the scorch: an ecological perspective on human mortality during heat-waves

Tate Francois - Philosophy

Thesis: Korsgaardian Normativity

Nathan Hagan - Philosophy

Thesis: A Defense of Russellian Monism

julien zapata-minchow - Art: Art History

Thesis: Simulated Futures

Suhas Sakamuri - Biology

Thesis: Male-Male Clasping in African Clawed Frogs, Xenopus laevis

Bhavana Panchumarthi - Physics

Thesis: Dielectric Response of Bulk hBN

Grant Mimms - History

Thesis: The Spatial Politics of the German Soundscape, 1918-1945

Oliver Mansbach - Mathematics

Thesis: Persisting Through The Convexity: Convex Modules for the Commutative

Harry Mander - Economics

Thesis: Solar Customer Responsiveness to Time-of-Use Net Energy Metering: A Study of Demographic and Environmental Factors in California

Nick Landman - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: How long are they really? An investigation into the telomere length of Xenopus laevis with nanopore sequenceing

Ena Hashimoto - Environmental Studies: Biology

Thesis: Rain. On. Me. Synthetic Fibers in Portland Rainwater

Aaron Greisdorf - Philosophy

Thesis: Three Problems in the Philosophy of Time

Anna Farrar - Linguistics

Thesis: Crosslinguistic Indexical Transfer of the Perception of Rhotics in Beijing Mandarin and Canadian French

Hima Aramona - Physics

Thesis: Geodesics in Color Space

Sidney Fong - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Da Bin Lou: Understanding My Chinese American Identity

Jacob E. Finkelstein - Mathematics

Thesis: An Accessible Proof of the Prime Number Theorem

Elijah Archer - History

Thesis: What Royals Fear: Magic and Political Scandal in Early Modern Europe

Ziqi Xie - Art-Biology

Thesis: A Tale of Two Quercus: storytelling of oak evolutionary genetics and local botanical history through artistic approach

Amelia Moriarty - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Cringecore Ethics: Nabokov’s Poshlust Versus the Apathetic Imagination

Madison Held - Biology

Thesis: Two Can Play That Game: An Investigation into the Co-Occurrence of Minisatellites and Recombination Hotspots

Ocean Chamberlain - Comparative Literature

Thesis: rhizophora

Oliver Nicholson - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Beginnings of a Structural Analysis of Manganese Exporters MneP and MneS

Ryan Tang - Physics

Thesis: Experimental exploration of water waves

Michael Harrison Quinn - Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies: Greek and Latin

Thesis: The Examination of Virtus, Slavery, and Civil War in the Third Servile War in Appian's Civil Wars

Keith Jun-Kit Ng - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Building To The Third Story: An AI To Play Santorini

Fennell Ludwig - Anthropology

Thesis: Away with the Fairies

Yangdi Jerry Lu - Philosophy

Thesis: The Way To Here: A New Approach To Wittgenstein And Asian Philosophy

Sofie Larsen-Teskey - Anthropology

Thesis: Salmon Pluralities: Nch’í Wána Pum, Traditional Fishing, and Indigenous Modernity

Ari Lee Goldstein - Psychology

Thesis: Linguistic Encoding of Gender and Gender Self-Concept in Cross-Linguistic Perspective

Ryan A. Holland - Physics

Thesis: NMDA Receptors and the Complexity of Single Neurons

Anna Hendrickson - Theatre

Thesis: Wild Boars Won't Let Me Sleep: A Study of Immersive Theatre

Lori Der Sahakian - Music

Thesis: Constructions and Representations of the Middle East in Post-9/11 Pop and Hip- Hop Music

Finn Hill - Computer Science

Thesis: An expansion of Miss Ratio Curves

Ross Tidwell - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Monsters and Miracles: A Medieval Comic Anthology

Odette Jennings - Linguistics

Thesis: Lone Pine Talk: TRAP-backing and Connection to Place in Rural California

Jiangqi Han - Physics

Thesis: Toward a Semi-Classical Percolation Model

Alex Bryant Bentley - Environmental Studies: Biology

Thesis: Big Trouble, Little Forest: Differential Responses of Sugar Pine (Pinus lambertiana) and Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) to Ecological Restoration in SW Oregon

Harper Dziedzic - Psychology

Thesis: Development of a Solitary Drinking Measure

Emma Sofia Howard Schou - Sociology

Thesis: Who Speaks for the Trees?: Place Attachment and Environment Identity in the Pacific Northwest Forest Industry

Nicole Xu - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Characterization of a Transmembrane Protein TerC

Tim Wu - History

Thesis: Republic of Warlords: A Governor’s Ambition

Kilala Hall - Anthropology: Science, Environment, and Technology Studies

Thesis: Woven Fibers: Thrifted Clothing as a Material Nexus in Hawai'i

Evelyn Amal Haase - Environmental Studies: Chemistry

Thesis: Application of Quantum Dot Microfluidic Paper-based Devices (µPADs) for the Detection of Heavy Metals in Water Samples

Ana Quintana Bernal - Environmental Studies: Biology

Thesis: Got Milkweed? A Study on Smoke Water and Monarch Butterfly Habitat

Michelle O'Shea - Anthropology

Thesis: Artificially Artistic or Cyborgian Artist? AI Art Exists in a Complicated Entanglement of Economies, Smoke Screens, and Robot Relations

Harrison John Nicholls - Computer Science

Thesis: Formal Verification of Key Exchange Protocol Security

Evangeline Nañez - Sociology

Thesis: ”That’s your Auntie”: An analysis of Southwest Pueblo Indian family-making after attending Indian boarding school

Roscoe Dylan Elings-Haynie - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: A Zero-Knowledge Proof for Norinori

Maggie Britton - Biology

Thesis: Misogyny and Moralism: A History of Bias in HIV/AIDS Research

Tess Rutstein - Environmental Studies: Biology

Thesis: Hiding in plain sight: Validation of an urban climate refugium for Thuja plicata (western redcedar) in Portland, OR

Nicholas Lutz - Chemistry

Thesis: Soaking it all in: Employment of Halogen Bonding to Form Dynamic Crystal Molecular Sponges

Alondra Loza Navarro - Sociology

Thesis: Navigating DEI work in liberal arts colleges: Identifying and managing the costs of racialized burdens amongst staff

Robin Hart - Sociology

Thesis: Inclusive Course Content Shifts in Higher Education: Driven by School Classification, Socio-Demographic Diversity, and Departmental Creation

Kodinna Anachebe - Chemistry

Thesis: “A Teachable Moment”: Examining Student Attitudes Towards Chemistry

Katherine Atwill - Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies: History

Thesis: Minzu Categorization in Southwest China: Connections between the Qing and PRC

Eulalie Redd de Souza - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Expression and Purification of E. coli CusS Sensor Domain: Solubility and Possibilities

Brewster Durbin - English

Thesis: The Irishman and The Unspeakable

Tulia Fargis - Psychology

Thesis: The Land of Equal Opportunity: Changing Dehumanization Towards Latinx Immigrants Through Storytelling

Khalil Laltoo - Anthropology: Science, Environment, and Technology Studies

Thesis: Saving Seed: Socio-Ecological Dimensions of Corn Farming in Chiapas, Mexico

Anna Lebolt - Psychology

Thesis: Your Attention, Please: The Competition and Comparisons between Social Cues in Directing Attention

Spencer Mann - Environmental Studies: Political Science

Thesis: Urban Regimes in Transit: A Case Study of Boston, Portland, and St. Louis

Elle Oberweis-Manion - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Split Discs and the Challenges of Purifying a Protein from Drosophila Cells

Dünya Taylan - Art: Art History

Thesis: The Implications of Representing Turkish National Identity in Contemporary Fashion Design

Annabelle Stern - Dance

Thesis: Staging the Square: Community and Queerness Through the Lens of American Square Dance

Ian Silverman - Theatre

Thesis: Virtual Reality and Theatre: Defining Lenses Through Which to Understand Virtual Reality Theatre and Audience Relationships

Riley Schlemmer - Sociology

Thesis: Managing Masculinity in the Military: Experiences, Outlooks, and Reflections after Serving

Parker Scarpa - Linguistics

Thesis: Style, Affect, and Embodied Energy: An Analysis of Pitch and Gesture in Performances of Social Personae

Rayn Samson - Mathematics-Physics

Thesis: Relativistic Ehrenfest Relations for Klein-Gordon Fields

Hateya N. Renfree - Psychology

Thesis: A Study on Alcohol Decision-Making: How Group Composition Relates to Behavioral Willingness in Social Drinking Contexts

Gabriela Ramirez - English

Thesis: Disrupting the Bildungsroman: Silence as a Symptom of Shame, Reading, and Learning in Northanger Abbey, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, and Normal People

Nicole Diaz - Anthropology-Art

Thesis: Tending, Making, Breaking: Dyke Play as World Creation

Alexandria Quigley - English

Thesis: Three Metaphysical Fables

Alexandria Quigley - English

Thesis: Three Metaphysical Fables

Sarah Pringle - Anthropology

Thesis: Animating Towards a Brighter Future through the Implied Child Viewer: the Significance of Queer and POC Representation in Children’s Media

Kate Petersen - Sociology

Thesis: Everyone wants to be sustainable until they have to pay for it: Barriers to sustainable urban restructuring in Santa Rosa, CA

Clara Yoojin Park - Anthropology

Thesis: Participatory Defense: Highlighting Cambodian American Perfected Personhood

Diana Mullen - Anthropology

Thesis: Reinventing the Wheel: How Parents of Medically Complex, Disabled Children Experience, Navigate and Create Care Systems

Jaden Nichols - Biology

Thesis: Behavioral Nuances of the Oregon Zoo Chimpanzees Pan Troglodytes In captivity

Bambi Massey - Political Science

Thesis: Taking Up Space: An Analysis of the Intersection Between Fatness and Femininity

Curtis Lo - Philosophy

Thesis: Appealing to Novels to Defend the Epistemic Value of Thought Experiments

Henry Holleb - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: The Curious Case of the Disappearing Polymorph: Pharmaceutical Co-crystallization, Polymorphism, and Vanilla Flavored Crystals

Ethan Gregor - Chemistry

Thesis: Investigation of Formic Acid Dehydrogenation with Alternatives to an Ir-Ru Catalyst

Flora Gladwin - Anthropology: Science, Environment, and Technology Studies

Thesis: Ecotourism and Unpredictability: Multispecies Ethnography in the Waters of Bonaire

Aurora Forte - Sociology

Thesis: Political Outsiders at a Small Liberal Arts College

Robin Eckensberger - History

Thesis: Stuffed and Silent: A Study of the Troubling Legacies of Taxidermy at the Field Museum, 1890-1920

Xinlong Du - Physics

Thesis: Classical Analog of Quantum States in the Infinite Square Well

Sadie Brink - Russian

Thesis: Decadency and Orthodoxy: Life-Creation in the Works of Mother Maria Skobtsova

Calvin Beeman-Weber - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Self Portraits With a Severed Head

Ronan Battistoni - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Stories for the Slow Apocalypse: Iyashikei in the Anthropocene

Ryan Quisenberry - Computer Science

Thesis: Multithreaded Prefix-Free Parsing for Multi-Genome Index Construction

Daniel Jiarui Zou - Computer Science-Mathematics

Thesis: Differentially Private Weighted Linear Regression

Caden Corontzos - Computer Science

Thesis: Optimizing Lempel-Ziv-Welch for DNA Compression

Betsy Wight - History

Thesis: "We will not leave the mountains till Zion is redeemed": Mormon Political Thought in Early Utah Territory, 1850-1858

Emma Potter - Chemistry

Thesis: Synthesis of a small molecule inhibitor for ZnuA to investigate the mechanism of metal ion transport

Nareg Kedjejian - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: An Enzymatic Biosensor for the Detection of Changes in Acetylcholine and Choline Levels in Xenopus Laevis

Grace Bell Burton - Environmental Studies: Chemistry

Thesis: Two Novel Green Syntheses of Silver Nanoparticles; Thimbleberry Leaf AgNPs and Sword Fern Extract AgNPs

Wolfgang Brightenburg - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: On Estimating the Number of Clusters: Mind the Gap!

Runshi Zhou - Physics

Thesis: A Non-Field-Theoretical Evaluation to the Point Charge Electrodynamics in Compact Extra Dimension - Potential, Bound States and Self-Forcing

Hannah Kuder - Mathematics-Physics

Thesis: The Beesis

Gloria Herman - Linguistics

Thesis: Dyke Discourse

Kiana Cunningham-Rodriguez - International and Comparative Policy Studies: Anthropology

Thesis: Reimagining Family Life in Peru: The Consequences of High Rates of Adolescent Pregnancy on Household Structures

Sophie Bacher - Chinese

Thesis: Swayed and Swaying All Under Heaven: A Consideration of the Mao Commentary to the Poetry 毛詩訓詁傳

Molly Moir - Psychology

Thesis: How the “Trans Panic Defense” Shapes Attitudes toward Anti-Transgender Violence

Daniella Gersh - Psychology

Thesis: Fitting In: Examining Strategic Self-Presentation Through Clothing as a Means of Belonging for Fat Students

Yixuan Jin - Philosophy

Thesis: Symbol Grounding Re-Defined

Josh Yamamoto - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: A Bayesian Approach to Zero-Inflation Modeling

Liantao Shan - Psychology

Thesis: Anthropomorphic Language and Reasoning about Political Entities

Benjy Ross - Sociology

Thesis: Leave Room for Community in my Coffee: Creating Social Capital in a Community Centered Café

Brenna Phelan - Neuroscience

Thesis: Color Lightness Effects in Attention and Decision Making

Kyle Petersen - Chemistry

Thesis: Crystal in Motion: Dynamic Behavior in Crystalline Adamantane-Azopyridine Assemblies

Joshua Thomas Park - Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies: Anthropology

Thesis: Exploring Linsanity: the Model Minority Myth, Laboring Bodies, and Asian American Racialization through Sport

Skye A. Oyama - Political Science

Thesis: Antitrust, the Second Gilded Age, and the Future of Technological Society

Hannah Elyse Cohen - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: All That is Left of Me is You

Genevieve Childers - Anthropology: Linguistic Anthropology

Thesis: Chasing an Escape: Cottagecore, COVID-19, Capitalism, and Climate Change

Hazel Byers - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: After the Light Is Gone

Iman Sara Ahsan - Psychology

Thesis: Investigating the Effect of Race and Skin Color on Emotion Attributions

Dylan Thelen - History

Thesis: The Flower of Chivalry Withers: Social Class Anxieties through Military English Military Development in the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453)

Sol Robin Skinner - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: Making Sense of Making Sense of Sensitivity

Miles Silvey - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Fray and Contaminated: Posthuman subjectivity in contemporary science fiction

LiLi Siedare - History

Thesis: “For Lewd and Immoral Purposes”: Chinese Women in the United States and the Page Act of 1875

Nina Katherine Schmidt - Sociology

Thesis: From Wilson to Wells: A Semiotic Examination of the Renaming of a Portland High School

Amelia Schaeffer - Chemistry-Physics

Thesis: Striking Gold: An Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Gold Nanoparticle-Polymer Interfaces

Andy Lorenzo Salinas - Political Science

Thesis: Past Brown: The Supreme Court's March Towards Resegregation

Sarah Hannah Wu - Psychology

Thesis: The Mind Behind the Music: AI, Intentionality, and the Perception of Musical Narrative

Jack Solomon - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Between Resurrections

Wani Pandey - International and Comparative Policy Studies: Economics

Thesis: Shakers and Movers: A Case Study in Earthquakes, Communities, Politics, and Redevelopment

Olivia McGough - Mathematics

Thesis: Persistent Homology and Applications to Graph Data

Clarissa G. Madar - Psychology

Thesis: Alcohol Expectancies and Implicit Associations in Heterosexuals and Sexual Minority Groups

Aria Killebrew Bruehl - Computer Science

Thesis: A Parameterized Approach for Hedcut Rendering

Olivia Jenkinson - Sociology

Thesis: Who's Doing What: Birth Control Practices and Divisions of Labor in Young Couples

Jacob Hoopes - Computer Science

Thesis: The L-Systems Explorer: An Introduction to Generative Art

Bean Fischer - Neuroscience

Thesis: Honey I Ate the Kids: Fish Brains, Fry, & Fluorescent Imaging

Rebecca Daniels - Psychology

Thesis: The Psychology of UX: Assessing and Applying HCI Theory and Empathic Design Frameworks with Dykes on Bikes® Portland Oregon Chapter

Ryan H.S. Bruder - History

Thesis: Lineage of Nationalism in the Philippines from 1896 to 1916

Nina Beriss - Linguistics

Thesis: The impact of authenticity-marking menu language on consumer perceptions of “ethnic” restaurants

Clara Barclay - History

Thesis: Growing Holiday Magic: Nature, Labor, and Meaning in Christmas Trees in the Mid-Twentieth Century Pacific Northwest

Aleina L. Aliwarga - Economics

Thesis: The Effects of Public Transportation Infrastructure on Income Inequality

Sierra Abbott - Chinese

Thesis: More Than Words: An Examination of Different Functions of Language in Han Shaogong’s 韩少功 A Dictionary of Maqiao 马桥词典

Eashan Thatte - Psychology

Thesis: Changing Perceptions: Investigating Novel Associations Between Stress Mindset and Academic Motivation

Zack Siy - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: Bildungsroman

Anoushka Goenka - Economics

Thesis: A Study of Performance-Based Compensation in the Indian Premier League (IPL)

Victoria Jeanette Parker - Physics

Thesis: Development, Modeling and Radiation Characterization of the Reed Research Reactor Central Thimble and Neutron Beam Facilities through Monte Carlo Simulations and the Neutron Transport Equation

Miles Woo - Political Science

Thesis: UnCarted Waters: Urbanity, Political Power, and the Future of the Food Carts in Portland, Oregon

Henry Wilson - Economics

Thesis: What Ever Happened to Those Rail Workers?

Ana Topasna - Neuroscience

Thesis: Something Seems Fishy: An Exploratory Study on Daphnia magna Neuroanatomy and Neural Reactions to Predation Stress

Freya Alethe Schlaefer - Classics: Greek and Latin

Thesis: Gastric Heroics: Towards a Grammar of Eating in Archaic Greek Poetry

Liam Marshall - Economics

Thesis: Paragraph IV and Category X; Why Do Generic Pharmaceutical Companies Agree to Settlements That Delay Generic Entry for Free?

Zoe Marchand - Music

Thesis: The 21st Century Minnesota Music Community: An Oral Present

Muskan Jha - Economics

Thesis: Comparative Analysis of Occupational Mobility of Low-Skilled Workers in the U.S. and Germany

Danny Gibson - Environmental Studies: Biology

Thesis: A Fish in the Hothouse: Trophic Interactions and Heatwave Response in a Freshwater Community

Zack Dooley - Mathematics

Thesis: A Survey of Categorification: Towards Categorical Algebra and Higher Categories

Stephen Crafton-Tempel - Environmental Studies: Biology

Thesis: Salted Waters: The Implications of Salinization and Predator Kairomones for Inducible Multicellularity in Phytoplankton

Mia Boyer-Edwards - Sociology

Thesis: Union Suppression and New Organized Labor: The Case of Union Revival at Amazon

Sol Bixby - Chemistry

Thesis: What is Going Anh? 1,2-Diastereoselectivity in Reductions with a Novel Binary Hydride

Lucy Allison - Psychology

Thesis: Out of Body, Out of Mind: Interoceptive Awareness and Attention as Modulators for Full Body Illusions

William Stevens - Theatre

Thesis: Not Another Hideous Progeny: Frankenstein, Adaptation, and the Theatre

Peri Joy Long - Religion

Thesis: Bringing the Truth to Bear: Obed Dickinson and an Imagined Community of Racial Equality in Nineteenth-Century Salem, Oregon

Olivia Brown - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: The Escapism Manifesto

Alisa MacDonald - Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies: Greek and Latin

Thesis: A Comparison of Homeric and Virgilian Similes

Helen Laster - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Thesis: Closing the Loop: TPA Recovery from a Plastic Degrading Bacterial Consortium

Rose Gatlin - Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies: History and Archaeology

Thesis: From Pen to Palace: Examining Roman Britain Through Literary Sources and Archaeological Discoveries at Fishbourne and Vindolanda

Roan Chafee - Political Science

Thesis: Revolution at the Ballot Box: Ranked choice voting in the US as a model of electoral change.

Oliver Brownlee - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: Last Name, First Name

Ada Beatriz Sanchez - Political Science

Thesis: How Ethnic Enclaves Interact with the City

Hart Monyatovsky - Biology

Thesis: Flipping the Script: Divergent Transcriptional Elements in the hTERT Promoter

Chloe Moon Beitchman - Psychology

Thesis: Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Me? Implications of Social Media Audience Ideation in Young Women

Ariana Fleet - Art: Art History

Thesis: Perceptions of the City Under the City, A Literary and Material Phenomenology of the Urban Underground

Gabe Ural - Political Science

Thesis: Adding Fuel to the Fire: An Analysis of State Land Use Policies and Local Conditions and their Impact on Wildfire Hazard Mitigation in the WUI

Aidan Hanley - Biology

Thesis: Examining Human Impacts on Stomatal Development Through Drought and Agrochemicals

Henry Belman - English

Thesis: My Favorite Martian (Manhunter): J’onn J’onzz, Alien Immigrants in Comics

Leo Golub - Political Science

Thesis: The Politics of Paperwork: Evaluating US Forest Service Implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act

Isabelle Caldwell - Economics

Thesis: "Is Portland Over?" The Economic Impact of Homicide Shootings in Portland, OR in 2021

Luka Bayon-Fraise - Economics

Thesis: Estate Inheritance and Gift Taxes: An Unsatisfactory Solution to the Problem of Inequality in the United States

Tina Elea Bardot - Environmental Studies: Economics

Thesis: ESG Beyond Investing: Spillover Effects in Sustainability Signaling

Jiahe Verona Yue - Neuroscience

Thesis: Neurons Are Not the Only Things That Matter: What Happens When Brain Glial Cells Encounter Vision Loss?

Quinn Green Zuleger - Biology

Thesis: A Call to Action: Bacterial Diversity in the Vaginal Tract of Individuals with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Stephanie Shu - Chinese

Thesis: Writing Love and Liminality: Female Homoeroticism in Republican Chinese Fiction

Jeffrey Allen Nestor - Psychology

Thesis: ERP Correlates of Perceptual Reversal During Binocular Rivalry: A No-Report Paradigm

Yuan Zhuang - Biology

Thesis: A RARE Catch: The Potential of Computational Algorithms in Aiding Discovery of Novel Genetic Regulation Interactions

Katherine Gurin - Biology

Thesis: The Impact of Urbanization on the Trophic Niche of Coyotes

Maxwell Justin David VanLandschoot - Economics

Thesis: Has Fission Fizzled? Surveying Risk Perceptions and Voting Behavior in the Pacific Northwest

Alexandra Derderian Nosal - Chemistry

Thesis: An Analysis of Sodium and Stable Water Isotopes Throughout the Holocene from the Skytrain Ice Core

Sosie Beaudoin Nixon - Environmental Studies: Biology

Thesis: Black, Yellow, Orange: Implementing bumblebee species monitoring as a measure of habitat succession post-fire disturbance in mixed-conifer Pacific Northwest ecosystems

Anna Rose Luce - Mathematics

Thesis: The CW Decomposition of the Grassmannian Manifold

Millie Forman - Comparative Literature

Thesis: Writing the Mystical Subject; the Works of Saint Teresa of Avila

Emma Thi Ha Thoron - Economics

Thesis: Pandemic Effects on Gross Domestic Product and the Unemployment Rate

Zoe Lee-DiVito - History

Thesis: Contestations of Nations and States: Modern Tibet, 1912-1951

Anayanci Lizette De Paz - Spanish

Thesis: Resisting the Bureaucratic Mode of Perception and Creating Relational Spectatorship through Celda 211 and Ciutat Morta