Thesis Board 2024

Congratulations, Reed College seniors! Completing the thesis is a capstone of the Reed experience and a tremendous academic accomplishment.

Margo Schweitzer - Neuroscience

Thesis: Open Sesame: An exploration of trap closure temporality and learning in Dionaea muscipula

Tina K. Qin - Mathematics: Statistics

Thesis: Autoregressive Time Series Modeling: A Comparative Analysis of Parameter Estimation and State Prediction Methods

Ari Libove-Goldfarb - History

Thesis: Is It Good for the Jews? Conceptions of Modernity in American Jewish Folk Dance 1910-1990

Eleni Madeline Grant - Neuroscience

Thesis: Pleasure and Pain in the Midbrain: Dopamine and Drugs Outside the Lab

Alec DeContreras - Biology

Thesis: Anticolonial Diplomacy in Biology

Isaiah Beenhouwer - History

Thesis: Handling Adolf Eichmann: A Story of Inheritance and Facade

Catie Herberg - History

Thesis: Radical Frontiers: Finding Utopia in the Early United States

Emma Holland - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Thesis: Investigating the Efficacy of Applied Theatre: A Theoretical Exploration into Quantifiable Impact using Community Sentiment Analysis

Jozie Burns - Economics

Thesis: An Analysis of Race- and Income-Based Disparities in the National Distribution of Environmental Hazard

Emma Aster Riskin - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: LEER

Eli Franz - Linguistics

Thesis: Coalescence T-oalescence: Analyzing Fixed Segment Reduplication as Coalescence, and Things of That Nature

Sara Helmstetter - Neuroscience

Thesis: Becoming a Neuron: Examining Visual Input Influences on the Pace of Neurogenesis in the Zebrafish Optic Tectum

Lucas Dolan - Environmental Studies: History

Thesis: The Succession of Land Management Strategies in Australia

Alexander Tagashira-McGillicuddy - Political Science

Thesis: The Drying of the Colorado River: How the Neoliberalization of Ecosystem Service could impact U.S. Water Resources

Nirasean Guarino - Philosophy

Thesis: What Forgiveness can teach us about punishment

Emma Bramson - Economics

Thesis: "It's All About the Green”: The Tony Award's Effect on Broadway Show Demand

Kate Koefoed-Nielsen - English

Thesis: A Different Kind of Canoe: The Transmission of Lushootseed Stories In The Contemporary World

Isaac Walton - Anthropology

Thesis: Aging in The Sun: An exploration of the Jewish Retirement Community in South Beach, Florida.

Madeline Huber - English: Creative Writing

Thesis: Snailseed Pondweed

Unda March - Physics

Thesis: Celestial Choreography: Turbulence’s Influence on Dust Clouds in the Heart of NGC 628

Jason Finn - History

Thesis: An Empire of Racial Liberty: Jefferson's View on Liberty and Race in the Early U.S. Republic

Azure Sensabaugh - Psychology

Thesis: Widespread Aptitude for Detecting Pitch-Shifts in Familiar Audio Clips

Marlo Albers - Mathematics

Thesis: The h-Vector Conjecture for Matroids with Cycle Systems

Sophia Renee Brisbon - Economics

Thesis: Regional Effects on the Determinants of Per Capita GDP in China

Ashley Ledbetter - Philosophy

Thesis: How Mental Illness Impacts Moral Responsibility

Ahmed Shanab - Art: Studio Art

Thesis: Essays on Street Art, Neo and Self Expression: The Egyptian Revolution of 2011

Declan Hain Cruz - Economics

Thesis: TIF: Terrific or Terrible? The History and Efficacy of Tax Increment Financing in Portland, Oregon

Rafael Torres - Economics

Thesis: How Can Digital Advisors Cater to Loss-Averse Investors?

Sung Bum (Simon) Ahn - Economics

Thesis: Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment Dynamics in Developed Economies: Post 2007-2008 Financial Crisis Insights from the Group of 7

Matthew Cromaz - Economics

Thesis: The Transition from Loot Boxes to Battle Passes in Video Games

Reina Foster Ho-Saan Chun - Psychology

Thesis: Seating Placement as a Predictor of Self-Regulation and Academic Achievement