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Stata Command Cheat Sheet

Click on a command to go to its help page. The tables below are grouped by type of command and then alphabetically.

Get Help

Command Function
help [command] brings up the official helpfile for a specified command
findit [anything] searches all of Stata's on and offline help databases for the search term

Run Analyses

Command Function Sample Syntax
anova runs an ANOVA or ANCOVA anova [dependent variable] [independent variables]
anova [dep var] [indep var], cont([continuous variables])
chitesti runs a chi-square for goodness of fit chitesti [observed numbers] \ [expected numbers]
manova runs a MANOVA manova [dep vars] = [indep vars]
oneway runs a one-way ANOVA oneway [dep var] [indep var]
ranksum runs a Mann-Whitney U test ranksum [dep var], by([grouping var])
regress runs a regression regress [dep var] [indep vars]
tab, chi2 runs a chi-square for independence tab [row variable] [column variable], chi2
ttest runs a t-test ttest [var]==testvalue (single)
ttest [var1]==[var2] (dependent)
ttest [dep var], by([group var])

Enter, View & Describe Data

Command Function Sample Syntax
browse opens the Data Browser browse (can specify individual variables to browse if wanted)
edit opens the Data Editor edit (can specify individual variables if wanted)
input causes Stata to accept data entry via the Command window, line by line input [desired variable names] (create new variables and input them)
input (use no arguments to pick up where you left off)
summarize displays basic descriptives summ (specify individual variables if desired)
tabstat summary statistics in a table tabstat [row var] [column var], statistics([your desired statistics here]) (see help tabstat for a list of available statistics)

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