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The Major Handbook and Library Subject Guide
Everything you need to know about being a Political Science Major at Reed College.

For Juniors

To become a senior in Political Science, a student must pass the department junior examination, which consists of writing two critical essays. Each of the two critical essays should be about 1,500 words in length. Students will be expected to write their examinations over any seventy-two hour period of their choosing – from pick-up to submission – during an eighteen-day window that begins on the Friday immediately before Spring break and ends two weeks after the Monday of Spring break.  (The equivalent schedule will apply in the Fall for Fall-semester second-semester juniors.) Examinations will be picked up and submitted electronically, and compliance with the seventy-two hour time-frame will be monitored and certified by the department’s administrative coordinator. For more information, see the Junior Qual page.

For Seniors

The Thesis Guide
Many resources are available for seniors writing theses in political science, including the Political Science Senior Thesis Handbook; we recommend that seniors also look at the general resources offered by the IT thesis page and the Reed Senior Handbook (PDF). A list of past theses in political science are available from the Reed College Library Catalog.

For Graduates

The Center for Life Beyond Reed
This site has a number of resources on graduate and professional school and other career exploration, internship, and job search tools. An archived copy of information on popular graduate school and career choices for Reed graduates who majored in Political Science, including names and contact information for several alumni volunteers who majored in Political Science, is available on archive.org

The Alumni Directory
Search the alumni directory by major to see where recent graduates are. For example, you can search for Political Science graduates in the last decade who have a post-graduate degree or are currently grad students.