Web links

Reed Linguistics Bulletin
Check out our department bulletin for announcements about upcoming department activities, conferences, fellowships and job opportunities, news, and other items of interest.

Linguistics Society of America
Homepage for the Linguistics Society of America.

The Linguist List
Includes listings for jobs and support opportunities in linguistics, as well as an­nouncements of upcoming conferences and meetings, recent publications, online resources and tools, fonts, and a directory of linguists from around the world.

Reed Library: Resource Guide for Linguistics
A list of linguistics reference books in the Reed College library, as well as links to on-line journal articles, abstracts, and other research materials.

Careers for Reed Linguistics Majors
From the Center for Life Beyond Reed, this page includes information about popular career choices for Reed graduates who majored in Linguistics. Includes names and contact information for several alumni volunteers who majored in Linguistics.

The Ethnologue Database
An online catalog of the languages of the world, published by the Summer Institute of Linguistics. Lists demographic, taxonomic, and genetic information on most of the world’s languages.

The World Atlas of Linguistic Structures
A joint project of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and the Max Planck Digital Library, this online atlas includes articles and interactive maps showing the cross-linguistic distribution of structural features in various domains (phoneme inventories, morphological structure, word order, case systems, etc.) in over 2600 languages. A useful source for doing typological studies and locating examples of languages with particular grammatical properties.

International Phonetic Alphabet chart
An online version of the International Phonetic Alphabet chart.

University of Iowa’s Phonetics Flash Animation project
Here you can look at animated diagrams illustrating different places and manners of articula­tion in English, Spanish, and German.

The UCLA Phonetics Lab
To listen to sound files of the different types of sounds in a variety of languages, click on “Index of Languages” (to search alphabetically by language), “Index of Sounds” (to search by type of sound), or “Map Index” (to search for language by location). For a handy ‘self-pronouncing’ version of the IPA chart, click on “A Course in Phone­tics”, and then click on “The IPA Chart”.

The Speech Accent Archive
Compiled by George Mason University. "The speech accent archive uniformly presents a large set of speech samples from a variety of language backgrounds. Native and non-native speakers of English read the same paragraph and are carefully transcribed. The archive is used by people who wish to compare and analyze the accents of different English speakers."

English Sound Comparisons
A survey of English accents compiled by the University of Edinburgh. This site offers sample transcriptions and sound files illustrating the phonetic differences among various English dialects, as well as earlier forms of the language, and comparisons with the sounds in related languages.

From IronCreek Software, this website features a free program that allows you to create a phrase structure tree for a sentence by inputting the labeled bracket notation. Trees created at this site can be saved to your computer or copied and pasted into term papers and problem sets.

IPA fonts for Windows and Macintosh
IPA fonts for Windows and Macintosh are available for free download from the Summer Institute for Linguistics website. (Free phonetic fonts are also avail­able from other sites, but the SIL fonts are the most widely used.)

IPA Palette
IPA Palette is an easy-to-use input source for Mac OS X 10.5 and later. After installing IPA Palette, users can pull up an IPA chart on their computer and insert symbols directly into any Unicode-enabled text field or editor.

An online IPA keyboard
An easy way to add IPA symbols to a document without downloading a special font, this online IPA chart doubles as a keyboard. Click on a character on the chart and it will appear in a box at the bottom of the page. From there you can select the character and copy-and-paste it directly into your document.

IPA character picker
Another easy-to-use online keyboard for selecting IPA characters to paste into a Word document.

Language Log
A popular blog written by professional linguists.

LaTeX for Linguists
Tips and resources for doing linguistic formatting in LaTeX.

More on LaTeX for Linguists
Another page with LaTeX tips from the University of Pennsylvania, with additional recommendations on formatting packages for linguistics.