Lab of Linguistics

LoL computers

The Lab of Linguistics (LoL) at Reed College was created to give students and faculty better resources to conduct research. Housed in Eliot 101D, this lab has a variety of equipment for student projects, including theses, term papers, and independent studies. All current Linguistics majors are able to access this lab.


While Sameer ud Dowla Khan is Lab Director, the day-to-day activity of the LoL is carried out by the student Lab Manager, Nina Beriss. For inquiries regarding equipment, lab space, or software, the lab manager will have office hours (Tuesdays 2-3:30, Thursdays 1-2:30). 

COVID-19 Guidelines

Please see our guidelines for working at the LoL during COVID-19. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we strongly advise students to use remote data collection methods, as in-person data collection still poses a significant health risk for both you and your participant! Both the LoL manager and director would be more than happy to provide assistance and tips on remote data collection.


The LoL is stocked with audio recorders, microphones, headphones, speakers, cameras, and laptops for checkout to current linguistics majors. In addition, there are larger pieces of equipment for aerodynamic, electroglottographic, ultrasound, and static palatographic research. Check out our LoL equipment page for our full inventory. The policy for checked out equipment is 2 weeks (exceptions for thesising students), after which you may be charged a fine for late returns. 


There's always multiple projects going on in the LoL, including senior thesis work, semester-long projects for courses, faculty research, and collaborations between faculty and students. All linguistics students and faculty are welcome to use the lab space for such projects. Some of the long-term faculty-led projects going on right now are listed on our LoL research page.