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Teaching English at Qilu University of Technology

Qilu University of Technology

Recruiting Foreign Teachers

Located in the city of Jinan, Qilu University of Technology is a highly-prestigious higher education institution. We are now recruiting NATIVE SPEAKERS to be our foreign teachers.

1. Job Description
Number of Vacations: 4 (3 English and 1 Japanese)
Duration of Contract: one year or more
Courses: English/Japanese major (Literature, Oral English/Japanese, Reading, Writing etc.)
Hours of Teaching:
English - about 10 classes per week;
Japanese - about 6 classes per week
(One class takes about 1.5 hours)
2. Basic Requirements
Language Requirement: NATIVE SPEAKERS
Academic Qualification: Bachelor's Degree or above
Work Experience: 2 years relevant teaching experiences or more
3. Treatment
Salary: about 8000RMB per Month (depending on the actual workload)
International Air Fare: Return Economy Class Flight for one-year contract
Accommodation: An apartment equipped with private bathroom, fridge, air-conditioner, free Internet access, etc.
Vacation: All Chinese holidays
Contact: Submit your resume and cover letter to the Bridge to Success LLC at:

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