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Panopto media system

In Summer 2022, Ensemble Video was discontinued, and Reed moved to Panopto for managing media. Panopto provides all the functionality users have found in Ensemble, plus additional tools and a more user-friendly interface. All media stored on Ensemble has been moved to Panopto in Summer 2022.

Users can add media to Panopto either through the Panopto recording options, a Moodle course that has a corresponding Panopto media library, or by accessing Panopto at https://reedcollege.hosted.panopto.com/; choose the "Reed College login" dropdown choice when choosing the latter option.

Before using Panopto, please request a media library for your course or administrative office.

Media Retention Policy

Media stored on Panopto remain available for immediate viewing for 13 months before going into an archived state. Read more about the retention policy.

Panopto Help

Record a video

ITS recommends using the Panopto app or the browser record app to create your videos. Either app creates higher-quality recordings that integrate with Panopto’s video tools. After recordings are completed, they are automatically uploaded to Panopto.

To access the tools, use the Create button at the top of the Panopto activity block in your Moodle course, or go to the Panopto website. Learn more at the Panopto help documentation or contact its@reed.edu for assistance. 

There are also several ways to record videos are listed at this recording lectures webpage.  

Edit a video

Panopto has a robust built-in video editor for editing any portion of your recorded video. Learn more about using the Panopto video editor.

Alternatively, you can edit videos using iMovie or other video editing programs prior to uploading the media to Panopto.

Upload a recording
If you are not using the Panopto desktop or browser app, you will need to upload media to Panopto. After you have uploaded media to Panopto, it will show up in your media library. If you are using the default video playlist, all of your media should display in this playlist.
Panopto video tools

Panopto offers a robust selection of video tools to engage viewers. 

Accessing the tools

While viewing media on the Panopto website, on the left side you will find Panopto’s video tools.
panopto tools
While viewing media on a Moodle course page, you will find Panopto’s video tools either below the video, or by clicking on the Panopto tools button, found below the video controls.
panopto moodle tools button 

Tools revealed:
panopto tools revealed