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Editing videos in Panopto

 Editing options

Edit an uploaded video

You can trim the beginning, end, or any portions of a video you have recorded. Follow the steps or view the animation below.

  1. Find the media you wish to edit. Hover over the media and click on the edit link. 
    • The edit tool, which is the scissors icon, is the default editing tool.
    • Click and drag to highlight areas you want to remove. 
    • If needed, click on the magnifying tool to zoom in on your timeline.
    • You can preview your cuts by clicking on the play button. The grayed-out areas will be skipped over.
    • The Cuts menu item will show all the edits you’ve made.
    • You can extend or reduce an edit by clicking and dragging on the handles.
  2. Click on the Apply button to make any editing changes. 
    • Your media will be re-processed to apply the changes, then will be available shortly.

Edit or trim media in Panopto

Learn more about editing at the Panopto help documentation.