International Programs Office

Preparing for Departure

Once you've been accepted to your off-campus program of choice, you'll have much to do before departing from Reed. Explore this section for some helpful resources.


Fees and Financial Aid

To ensure equal access to our domestic and international programs, Reed College charges the same tuition fees for a semester or year off-campus as for a semester or year spent on campus and a study abroad administrative fee of $500 (2024-2025) plus the program's actual room and board fees. Reed College encourages students to choose programs based on their academic rather than financial needs to reflect Reed's belief that all students, regardless of financial circumstances, should have the opportunity to study abroad.

Financial aid continues for eligible students during the off-campus program. Students should discuss with the Financial Aid Office how other outside aid may impact their existing aid package. Check out more details directly on the Reed College Financial Aid page If students are utilizing VA benefits, they can check here to see which programs can certify their benefits. In addition, the IPO maintains a list of additional scholarships for studying abroad.

The college's standard refund policy for on-campus students will apply to students participating in a domestic exchange, international exchange, or study abroad program. The policy will be applied to the amount the college is able to recoup from the program. Amounts not refunded by the program will not be eligible for refund.

Summer Study Abroad
Students wishing to study abroad in the summer may transfer credits back to Reed, subject to the departmental approvals of their coursework completed while abroad.

Summer study abroad programs, while providing the opportunity to earn transfer credit, are not Reed College-approved programs. The Director of the International Programs Office (IPO) will assist students with any questions about procedures for summer study abroad and will complete program nomination forms for students who meet the eligibility requirements for the summer programs for which they are applying and have consulted and received support from their academic advisors/Department Chairs. Students studying Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, or Spanish at Reed are advised to select an option from the language acquisition pre-approved summer programs.

Students interested in transferring credit back to Reed from a summer study abroad program must complete the Off-Campus Course Pre-Approval Form. Students will be charged the study abroad administrative fee of $500 (2024-2025). The IPO maintains a list of scholarships for studying abroad in the summer.

Students will participate in these programs independently of Reed College. They will submit all application materials and pay the provider or university for all program fees.

Grants & Scholarships

Best Scholarship Search Platforms

Scholarship and Fellowships (large database of information)

Study Abroad Funding

Fund My Travel

Affordable Colleges Online

Freeman-ASIA - provides scholarships for students with financial need studying abroad in East or Southeast Asia.

Currency Conversion / Cost-of-Living Estimator

Cost-of-Living Comparison Between Cities


Useful Links

Moving abroad can seem logistically daunting! The links below provide information for questions you might encounter in the pre-departure process–from shipping your clothes, to staying insured overseas. 

State Department Website for Students Studying Abroad

Moving & Shipping

Federal Express

United Parcel Services (UPS)


Reed College students under PacificSource health insurance plan
Travel Insurance Review Tutorial

Health Issues

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

American Red Cross

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Department of Health and Human Service

Insect Repellents

Travel Information

Time Zone Search

Local Times Around the World

Travel Search Engines


Cheap Flights


Travel Warnings

US State Department Travel Advisories


Other Programs

If studying abroad during an academic term doesn't fit but you are still interested in going abroad, check out these programs!

Teaching Abroad

Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program

Summer Abroad Programs

Study Abroad.Com


Miscellaneous Links

The Electronic Embassy

A list of all of the Embassies in Washington D.C.

US Embassies

Center for Disease Control

Working Abroad

A large collection of work-abroad related resources and information on short-term, long-term, paid, volunteer, and teaching work abroad opportunities.