Outright gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, and mutual fund shares) are a popular way to support Reed and can offer special tax benefits for donors.

Appreciated securities

You can make a gift of appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares to Reed for a tax-deductible gift at the full fair-market value if the shares have been owned for more than 12 months. You can also avoid capital gains taxes on the shares, but you must make a direct gift of the shares and not the proceeds of their sale. For more information or to explore your questions, contact Kathy Saitas, advancement counsel and senior director of gift planning at 503-777-7759.

Shares held in an account by a broker

To give stock held by your broker or commercial banker, first notify your broker or commercial banker in writing that you are giving securities to Reed College. Download a sample authorization letter.

Reed’s Account Name at Charles Schwab
“The Reed Institute”
Reed’s Account Number at Charles Schwab
Reed’s Tax Identification Number
Charles Schwab’s DTC number
Phone contact for Charles Schwab

Please also notify Reed's gift accounting coordinator at 503-777-7583 or of your stock transfer intentions. This is an important step: due to stock transfer privacy issues and the limited information provided as part of the transfer itself, Reed may not know who made the gift unless the college is notified by the donor directly.

Shares held in certificate form

To give stock held by you in the form of certificates please contact Kathy Saitas, advancement counsel and senior director of gift planning, at 503-777-7759 or

Special transfer instructions