Giving to Reed

Special instructions for stock held in certificate form

To give stock held by you in the form of certificates, mail the unendorsed certificates by registered mail (or deliver them in person) to

Dan Lien
Controller's Office
Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202.

Include a letter authorizing the transfer and stating the purpose of your gift. Click here to download a sample authorization letter (.doc).

In a separate envelope, mail or deliver to the college a stock power form for each security you wish to transfer. The stock power form must be signed by you, and your signature(s) must be guaranteed by either a stockbroker or a bank officer. Your banker or stockbroker will be familiar with stock power forms and will know how to help you. Click here to download a stock power form (.pdf).

If your name appears differently on different certificates, be sure to sign a separate stock power form with the corresponding name for each certificate. Do not fill in Reed's name as the transferee; fill in only the number of shares, the name of the security and your signature.

The date of gift is the date the certificate(s), stock power form and transfer letter are mailed as determined by the postmark date. If the certificate(s), stock power form and transfer letter are delivered in person, the date of gift is the date of delivery.

Important: If your stock certificates are still held by the issuing company, please contact Kathy Saitas in Reed's office of gift planning at 503-777-7759 or for special instructions.