Facilities Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a facilities request?

Submit a facilities request here or by selecting Facilities Request on the right side of this page. Facilities requests include light bulb changes, cleaning needs, maintenance needs, moving furniture, and much more! You can always put in a facilities request and if it is not something we do, we will help you find who to contact for help.

How do I rent a campus van?

Find information on renting a campus van here or by selecting Reed Van Information on the right side of this page.

How do I submit a key request?

Submit a key request here or by by selecting Key Request on the right side of this page.

Learn about key security policies and best practices here.

What are the Facilities Service Front Desk hours?

The Facilities Services Front Desk is open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Where can I find campus HVAC information? 

You can find campus building HVAC information and air purifier guidance here.

I have a question about my dorm room.

You can find information related to the residence halls and dorm rooms on our Residence Hall Facilities Guide page.

I have a question about the bike lockers on campus.

You can find information about the bike lockers on our Bike Lockers page.

I put in a request over the weekend and scheduled an appointment for Monday. Why didn't they reach out when they didn't show up? When can I expect them?

Facilities Services is not open on the weekend so requests submitted on Saturday or Sunday don't get processed until Monday. If you submit a request on a weekend, schedule an appointment for Tuesday or later to ensure that the request will be processed by then. For emergencies that occur after hours and need immediate attention call Community Safety and they will contact the on call maintenance technician.

When does water testing and fire testing happen? How does this affect me?

Campus water testing happens annually, usually during winter break. We put signs on fixtures that cannot be used due to testing, please do not use those fixtures. Depending on where we collect samples from, you may not be able to access some of the sinks or water fountains in your building. We ensure that there are other sinks and water fountains are accessible within the building as to minimize any inconvenience.

How do I apply to be a student worker in Facilities?

Facilities Services posts all available student work positions on Handshake.

How do I get help with moving (office to office or student room to student room)?

You can submit a Facilities Request or call the Facilities Service Desk (503-777-7283). Staff and Faculty can reach out to Facilities for help moving but still need to let CUS and other affected parties know about the move.

Where do I drop off waste or how do I arrange for trash pickup in my office? What about hazardous waste? Batteries? Light bulbs?

For regular trash pickup, submit a Facilities Request or call the Facilities Service Desk (503-777-7283). For other waste such as hazardous waste, batteries, or light bulbs, you can find all of the drop off information at the EHS Waste Management page.

Will I be charged for repairs in my room?

Facilities does not charge back any work they perform or for repairs made. Facilities does not make the decisions related to charging students for issues in student rooms. Students should ask Residence life about any room charges that may occur at move out.