Environmental Health and Safety

COVID-19 Information

CDC has made a recommendation that everyone wears cloth face covers when outside the home, in situations where social distance may be hard to maintain. With this in mind, Reed College issues the following guidance:

  1. Medical masks are reserved for medical personnel, i.e. HCC personnel, CSOs, or Area Coordinators who respond to medical situations.
  2. Face coverings are required for everyone else who works on campus in settings where social distancing is hard to maintain.
  3. Those who work on campus are expected to follow the Surgeon General's guidance on making their own face covering, and bring it with them to work each day. Should you need assistance making your face covering, you may email EHS@reed.edu for help.

  4. Face coverings must be worn when indoors, when others ARE PRESENT in the same work area.
  5. Face coverings are optional when indoors and others ARE NOT PRESENT, or when outdoors.
  6. CDC recommends washing one's face covering each night at home.

This guidance goes into effect immediately. Please contact us with questions. For more information about Reed's prevention and response measures go to the Reed College COVID-19 FAQ page.

Go to our Ergonomics page to learn more about ergonomics while working from home.

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About Us

Environmental Health and Safety provides the Reed community with the information and training necessary to handle the various hazards that can be found in the classroom, the labs, or on campus in general. We promote a culture of safety, health, and environmental consciousness in all aspects of the campus, while upholding state and federal regulatory requirements.