Facilities Services

Residence Hall Facilities Guide

Residence Halls Cleaning Schedule

All residence hall shared spaces (restrooms, social rooms, kitchens) will be cleaned and disinfected Monday - Friday from 10-12 and 2-4. Please limit your use of those spaces during that time. If you see custodial staff in those spaces DO NOT ENTER.

Frequently Asked Questions

My light switch does not seem to be working/my light is very dim.
  • Check to see if your light switches have dimmers. If they do, adjust the dimmer to turn the light up/on.
  • If there is no dimmer switch or it does but the light still does not turn on, submit a Facilities Request.
How do I adjust my bed?

Beds in the residence hall are tool free. There are double hooks on the railing mount into the headboard and the footboard (see image below). Remove the mattress, lift side boards out of the railing mount, lower/raise the side boards, hook into appropriate height railing mounts.

What does recycling, composting, and landfill waste disposal look like at Reed?
  • Recycling at Reed is through the city recycling program and through the Reed Recycling Center. Learn more about both of these by visiting our Recycling at Reed page.
  • Composting at Reed is through the city composting program. Learn more about composting on campus by visiting our Composting at Reed page.
  • All other waste must be disposed of in regular trash.
  • Learn more about sustainability at Reed by checking out our Sustainability page.
How does my door lock work? How does the residence hall entry lock work?

The door can be locked and unlocked from the outside with a key. From the inside, there is a push button that will lock the door when it is closed. The next time the latch is retracted, either by turning the handle to open the door or by using the key from the outside, it will automatically unlock. The door will only lock from the inside if the door is closed and latched.

There are also entry function locks installed on some of the residences halls. The entry function locks cannot be locked with a key from the outside, they have a pushbutton on the inside that you can either push in to lock until someone uses a key or the lock is opened from the inside which will unlock the door, or you can push the button in and turn it to make the lock remained locked at all times.

How do the windows in Old Dorm Block work?