English Department

Requirements for the Major

  1. Two 200-level English courses in different genres (Literature 266, when offered, may be used to fulfill this English department requirement as well).
  2. One semester of the Junior Seminar.
  3. At least four other 300- or 400-level English courses taken at Reed, one of which may be in creative writing or literature in translation.
  4. English 470.
  5. Aside from the Junior Seminar and English 470, two of the seven required English courses must be in literature prior to 1900, and one of these must be in literature prior to 1700.
  6. Junior Qualifying Examination.

Divisional requirements:

  1. One unit in the Division of the Arts: theatre, dance, music or art.
  2. Two units in a single foreign literature.  English majors may not satisfy this requirement with courses in which the readings are in translation. 300-level literature courses taken in a foreign language before the student has completed two years of the language or has demonstrated equivalent competence may not be used to fulfill this requirement. 300-level language courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement.

In consultation with their academic advisers, students majoring in English should plan to take courses from a range of genres, topics, and periods within the department. The department strongly recommends that all majors take at least one course in each of the principal literary genres: poetry, drama, and fiction.

English majors must also satisfy the College degree requirements. These can be found in the Reed College catalog, or talk to your adviser or the Registrar's Office.

Declaring a Major

Students may declare a major (or the intention to major) in English at any time, but College regulations require that students MUST declare a major once they have completed 16 or more units. If a student is enrolled in courses the completion of which would bring the student's total number of units to 16 or more, the student will not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters until s/he declares a major. (Students who transfer with 16 or more units must declare the major before the end of their first semester at Reed.) The major shall be declared by filing with the Registrar's Office an approved Declaration of Major form, indicating the completion of the required introductory work and outlining the remainder of the program to be taken in order to achieve graduation. The Department will review the records of all newly declared juniors and advise them whether the proposed program of study is satisfactory, or whether certain course changes are required. All upper class students must have as their official faculty advisor a member of the English Department.